Elisabeth Lilly Bismarck (January 3, 1951-October 18, 1965) was an Aristocrat from Romania who was the member of the Bismarck Family. She was born on January 3, 1951, and passed away on October 18, 1965. She was the sister of Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XIX.

She died of an unknown cause of death, she allegedly died of Japanese Encephalitis.

Since her death in 1965, people, even her own family, have alleged of seeing or encountering her ghost, which they alleged also that her ghost isn't as friendly as her family thought it would be to them, the so-called "Lilly Curse" had conflicted the family, alleged curse examples are, in 1967, Elisabeth's mother wanted another daughter to end her suffering for losing a daughter (Elisabeth), but she suddenly had a miscarriage, allegedly indicating the ghost of Elisabeth became jealous and had her unborn sibling killed. It is also alleged that Elisabeth conjured the ghost of her great-grandfather and the ghost ended up killing her due to its vengeful nature.