In Chawosauria, Electro-Bleaching is a Capital Punishment method Chawosaurians still use as of 2018. The process of Electro-Bleaching is that the Chawosaurians strap a person into an electric chair that goes into a tank of bleach that is boiling and the person is electrocuted while drowning in a big glass tank of bleach that is actually boiling.

This method was used to punish convicted Christians, Jews, and others. When Homosexuality was illegal in Chawosauria between 1900 to 1941, this method was the only punishment used to punish Homosexuals when convicted. Timothy Max Roosevelt redefined this method to target Christians, Jews, Gypsies, Blacks, and other groups of people Timothy despised.

In 2018, a new rising debate is being held on rather or not Electro-Bleaching is ethical or not.