Elagabalus Bismarck (July 26, 965-June 16, 1015) is the Father of Bratomill Bismarck. The Current Founder of the Bismarck Family, the Medieval Ancestor of Jonathan Bismarck.

Elagabalus was born in 965 in London, moved to Sweden, Elagabalus married Theresa in October 992. With Hallowed Evening, which would be known as "Halloween", which would go on to become the most popular holiday in Westernized Countries, Elagabalus had more of a role in the Hallows Eve, he had many controversial sexual relationships on the issue of LGBT Rights in the Medieval Times.

Ancestry Edit

Elagabalus had a Roman Ancestry, other words, the name "Elagabalus" is a Roman Name, his mother was from the Byzantine Empire. Her Ancestors were Roman and their Ancestors were Greek. While Elagabalus' Father's Ancestors were Indo-European from Scandinavia.

Biography Edit

Elagabalus was born in a peasant family on July 26, 965 in London under Feudalist England in the Middle Ages, his father died when Elagabalus was an infant and his mother died of sickness. Elagabalus is named after the 25th Roman Emperor, Elagabalus. Speculation that Elagabalus is the ancestor of Elagabalus Bismarck, Severus Bismarck, one of Elagabalus' cousin, met with the King of England, Sweyn Forkbeard.

Elagabalus grew up with the Kings, Edgar the Peaceful, Edward the Martyr, and Ethelred the Unready. He fell in love with Theresa, they married in 992 under Ethelred. In 1000, Bratomill was born. But in 1015 under the Vikings after being kidnapped by the Vikings and was executed in Malmo, Sweden.

Bismarck Family Legacy Edit

Elagabalus is known to be the known ancestor before Bratomill, Elagabalus is considered the Founder the Bismarck Family, the true founder.

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