The Education System of Chawosauria is government-ordained and controlled. Private Schooling and Homeschooling are illegal in Chawosauria. Teachers are hired mostly against their will by their blood-line. When it comes to education, Chawosauria is a traditional economy, Professors and Teachers inherit their occupation from their parents who are also teachers and professors. Under Chawosaurian Law, the child of a professor has no legal right to choose an occupation, career, or job of their choice, they must inherit the occupation of that of their parents. Professors in Chawosauria are not paid, but they are provided by the Chawosaurian Government with shelter, and due to concerns over Child Sexual Abuse in Boarding Schools in Chawosauria, the Government of Chawosauria mandates that students and professors can't be together in a boarding school at night, teachers are provided apartments or double-wide homes for the safety of the students who will be sleeping in their dorms in castles, every boarding school in Chawosauria are located in large castles.