Dragomir Vasily Boleslaw (January 3, 1890-December 25, 1993) was a Chawosaurian politician who is a member of the Chawopolis Palace between January 1, 1926-December 31, 1949. Boleslaw was a member of the Boleslaw Family. A member of the United States Democratic Party, Boleslaw supported Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal and began becoming more economically liberal

In the 1925 legislative elections, Boleslaw was elected from Alaska back when it was a territory. Boleslaw voiced his support for FDR in the 1932 presidential election in the United States and elected Democrats in the 1932 elections overall. Throughout World War II, Boleslaw worked with Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII, eventhough the Boleslaws and the Bismarcks are not good friends, and advocated for the acceptance of Jewish Refugees escaping the Holocaust. After getting defeating by a Communist challenger in the 1949 legislative election, Boleslaw spent his retirement focusing on civil rights, desegregation, and maintaining American power in Europe in the Cold War. He shifted Left and began supporting the Civil Rights Movement, and eventually the LGBT Rights Movement, although he was generally Conservative in the beginning of his political career on these two topics.  

On September 7, 1991, he was diagnosed with a deadly form of Brain Cancer known as Glioblastoma, and even though he was treated, he died anyway of this cancer two years later on December 25, 1993, on his hospital bed, with his son, Wolfgang, and his eldest son, both at his side. He was cremated and his ashes were dumped to the Gulf of Alaska by a group of people gathered on a fishing vessel. 

Boleslaw is often viewed favorably by both Communists and Capitalists.  

Early Life Edit

Dragomir Vasily Boleslaw was born on January 3, 1890, in Juneau, District of Alaska, USA, to Gustavus Vasily Boleslaw (aged 39) and Melissa Boleslaw (aged 26), and Dragomir was their only son. In 1903, the 13-year-old Dragomir met President Theodore Roosevelt. Boleslaw spent time in Poiana Brasov with future Prime Minister of Chawosauria, Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII, who became friends before entering Chawosaurian Politics in the 1920s. In the 1912 U.S. Presidential Election, Boleslaw supported Theodore Roosevelt but wasn't able to vote because of Alaska's status as a territory. After Roosevelt lost, Boleslaw became a Democrat because President Wilson implemented much of the Progressive Agenda into action. Boleslaw openly opposed the White Supremacist movie, Birth Of A Nation, while at the same time, Boleslaw did not, and he refused to support comprehensive legislation dismantling Jim Crow Laws in the United States.