Dr. Dergurman (b. Jeremy Dergurman: July 26, 1949) is a Chawosaurian Scientist and Psychologist. Dergurman played a vital role in the Timothy Max Roosevelt Administration.

Born in Berlin, East Germany, educated in the Soviet Union, joined the Administration of Timothy Max Roosevelt voluntarily.

Early Life Edit

Jeremy Adolf Dergurman was born on July 26, 1949, in East Berlin, East Germany. He and his family were poor. As Germany recovers but under allied control, East Germany was very under Soviet control than the West under Western Allied Control. He was educated in the USSR. In 1972, he graduated.

Timothy Era (1976-2011) Edit

Dergurman was hired by Timothy after asking Timothy for a job as a military scientist. In 1976, he was nominated and affirmed by the Communist Coalition. He was known for his best military inventions.