Donald Daniel Dorgan (b. February 26, 2001) is a Chawosaurian Comrade who part of the Dorgan Family. He received National Attention when he founded the Global War Democrats.  

A Southern Democrat who praises Southern Culture and History, but rejects the Original Ideology of the Southern Democrats from the American Civil War and it's aftermath, Dorgan supports the FDR faction of the Democratic Party.  

Early Life Edit

Donald Daniel Dorgan was born on February 26, 2001, in Jackson, Mississippi. Lived in the Rural Side of Mississippi, moved to Birmingham, Alabama. Dorgan became interested in Politics in 2012, he was previously a Tea Party Republican, converted to the Democratic Party in 2015 on the side of Hillary Clinton. Donald was raised in the Southern Baptist Faith but is often a Liberal as of 2015.

A Southern Democrat Edit

Southern Democrats are U.S. Democrats who reside the American South, before the 1960s, Southern Democrats were Alt-Conservative, Racist, and before the 1930s, they were the Dominant Faction of the Democratic Party until the Huge Impact of President, Franklin D. Roosevelt and his New Deal Team.

Donald Dorgan is today a Southern Democrat, a Democrat who praises Southern Culture and is also a Blue Dog Democrat.

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