Throughout Chawosaurian History, State Funerals in Chawosauria have excluded groups of people deemed "inferior" to the person deceased or his/her family. It is legal in Chawosauria and the Chawosaurian Government is not allowed to pass legislation making it illegal. 

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Every Supreme Leader and Prime Minister had personally written lists of different groups of people that they disliked or deemed "inferior" to them because of their race, ethnicity, or even sexual orientation. There are no laws in Chawosauria that states Chawosaurian politicians can't do this, nor it is legal to pass legislation outlawing this brand of discrimination because it is widely considered "a violation of family will" to be considering this kind of funeral invitation. This controversial but doesn't receive backlash. Indeed, it is controversial only when it's convenient to Chawosaurians culturally.

Supreme Leaders Edit

Death Excluded Requested By
Deceased Supreme Leader Date of Death
Emperor Santiago of the British Empire October 26, 1976 Emperor Santiago
Timothy Max Roosevelt May 13, 2011 Timothy Max Roosevelt
Antonio Kingston May 18, 2015 LGBTQ people Antonio Kingston

Three Supreme Leaders have done discriminations at their funerals, requested by the monarchs themselves.

Prime Ministers Edit

Death Excluded Requested By
Deceased Prime Minister Date of Death
Frederick William Schwartz April 26, 1945 Frederick William Schwartz
Malcolm Lyons MacKenzie Wilson January 24, 1965 Malcolm Lyons MacKenzie Wilson
Jonathan Davgon Bismarck December 25, 1985 Jonathan Davgon Bismarck
Jonathan Dragan Bismarck December 25, 2013
  • Black people
  • LGBTQ people
  • Catholics
  • Jewish people
  • Romani people
  • Hispanic people
  • Asian people
Jonathan Dragan Bismarck

Garfield Lucas Webster never had a state funeral. but Webster personally wrote a request three days before his death that his funeral excludes people that he knew or believed were lesbian, gay, and bisexual from attending, citing "mentally inferiority" as a reason why the people he knew or feared to be of the different sexual orientation were not invited, which included his daughter's boyfriend (future son-in-law), Zachery McClellan, who Webster believed was gay. Webster hated Zachery McClellan and done everything he could to separate Zachery and Dorothy, his daughter, from being together. After Webster died, his daughter, Dorothy, and her boyfriend, Zachery McClellan, married in 1957 and had a son in 1960, both Dorothy and Zachery agreed to partially name their son after Garfield Webster in his honor.

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