On December 27, 2018, a surprising event, former Communist Prime Minister, Joseph Lyons Bohmer, was "deleted" from Chawosaurian History demanded by the Communist Party of Chawosauria due to the party's grudge over the major loss of seats in the 2009 legislative elections caused in part because of Joe Bohmer's advocacy for the repeal of Section 126. Although the Communist Party did kept their majority by holding 317 seats, losing 215 seats to George Windsor, who was then Leader of the Opposition against Timothy Max Roosevelt, was still heavy for the Communist Party. Degotoga K. Atagulkalu met the Communist Party's demands and ordered the striking down of Joe Bohmer's legacy, effective by January 1, 2019.

Background Edit

The National Government of Chawosauria, approved by Degotoga K. Atagulkalu, made a surprise announcement that former Prime Minister Joseph Lyons Bohmer of the Communist Party will be dedocumented from Chawosaurian History. This immediately became a big controversy, moderate outrage among Progressive Communists, the Bohmer family, and Religious Freedom activists. This move to dedocument Bohmer is supported and praised by Communist Party insiders and the party establishment, and drawn mixed feelings among Capitalist, Social Democratic, and some Liberal parties.

The Communist Party requested Degotoga K. Atagulkalu to order the Government to dedocument Bohmer from Chawosaurian History, which DKA complied with the request, which surprised everyone in Chawosauria. The Communist Party still sored over the 215 seats that they've lost in the 2009 Chawosaurian Legislative Election to the Democratic Socialist Coalition led by George Windsor despite the Communist Party retaining a majority of 317 seats to Windsor's 283 seats in his pocket.

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Joe Bohmer Edit

Bohmer, along with his family, released a statement condemning the dedocumentation and called on those Communists who support him to fight the dedocumentation despite fighting a dedocumentation is very impossible because of the strong power and leverage dedocumentation has over government structures, lawmakers, and legislative power, especially when the Emperor orders it.

Communist Party Edit

The response from the Communist Party is mixed. Progressive and Populist Communists and other party outsiders opposed and condemned the dedocumentation. Party insiders and Establishment Communists supported the dedocumentation, even the prominent establishment Communist, Timothy Max Roosevelt II, voiced his support for the dedocumentation.

Degotoga K. Atagulkalu Edit

Degotoga K. Atagulkalu underestimated the bitter controversy of this dedocumentation, it is estimated that his February 2019 approval rating will be deeply affected by this dedocumentation. When DKA received the request from the Communist Party to delete Bohmer, DKA didn't hesitate to comply with the request because he never knew who Bohmer was, and on the morning he announced the deletion, reactions were most intense. DKA realizing Bohmer is actually a former Prime Minister who served under a Supreme Leader far more prominent than him, DKA felt the backlash from Progressives from both sides, Communists, and Capitalists, and then felt embarrassed.

Capitalist Majority Edit

The Progressives in the Capitalist majority criticized the dedocumentation, while Conservatives in the Capitalist majority supported the dedocumentation.

Chawosaurian Public Edit


Process Edit

Once Joe Bohmer is deleted entirely, his name will be mentioned randomly and rarely on historical events happened in Chawosauria. How to delete Bohmer is that is that the Supreme Leader, DKA, gives an order for the government to remove Bohmer's biography and legacy, and Historians will have to agree to it.

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Bohmer v. Owens Edit

(see: Bohmer v. Owens)

Joe Bohmer and his family sued Julian Bryan Owens, administrator of the Chawosaurian History Administration.

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