In Chawosauria, "Deletion" also known as Dedocumenting, is the act of removing a person's biography and legacy from historical documents. Deletion doesn't mean a person is "now forgotten" or "actually deleted" from the history books in Chawosauria, but means that person will still be mentioned in historical documents but rarely than before deletion, for example, if the United States practices the "deletion of Abraham Lincoln", it would not mean President Lincoln will no longer be in American history books, as in, his name is no longer seen, it means, Lincoln's name will still be seen in American history books, but rarely, his name will only be seen in another person's biography or a historical event that doesn't involve Lincoln's biography nor his accomplishments like winning the American Civil War or passing the 13th Amendment.

Deleting or Dedocumenting a person from history is extremely complicated, because Courts, Governments, and Historians must agree to dedocumenting a person from history. Deletion is basically the rearrangement or re-editing a historical document in bias against a historical figure. Deletion or dedocumentation can be reversed, it is called "redocumentation" and it is easier than dedocumentation.

The most recent deletion or dedocumention of a person from history was the Deletion of Joe Bohmer on December 27, 2018.