Chimpanzees were the main targets for the Crossbreeding Experiments.

Chawosaurian Emperor, Degotoga K. Atagulkalu was a huge fan and a student of Evolutionary Science as a College Student from Texas State University. As Chawosauria was in the midst of Civil War, DKA believed that he needed a Super Soldier, with physical strength superior to a normal average human. DKA studied the experiments of Soviet Scientist, Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov, and his experiments to create a Humanzee, a hybrid of Human and Chimpanzee. According to a report from 2005 from the New York Times, it was alleged that the Soviet Union in the 1920s has attempted to create some kind of Human-Ape Hybrid Military Force to advance the USSR's military strength. The report was titled "Kissing Cousins" written by the NYTimes. Another report from The Scotsman Newspaper in the United Kingdom published on the same year, 2005, alleged that Soviet Leader, Joseph Stalin was involved.

DKA's creation of Blood Gas Weapons and Human-Ape Soldiers are DKA's plans to overthrow the Bismarckians before they're able to outnumber Chawosauria's troops. Chawosaurians fear that this could lead to Animal Cruelty Experiments like Dr. Robert J. White's Ape head transplant experiment in the early 1970s, which was seen and criticized as an example of Animal Cruelty.

Background Edit

Degotoga K. Atagulkalu Edit

Emperor Degotoga

Emperor, Degotoga (2017)

Emperor, Degotoga was struggling with keeping the Bismarckians at bay, the Bismarckians are an Armed Christian Fascist Group governing their own nation led by Jonathan Ludwig Bismarck II, and to overthrow Chawosauria to transform their nation and make Christianity a powerful religion in the Sragonian Universe. DKA is determined to defeat the Bismarckians and believe he must cross ethical lines to do so, that includes making Humans and Apes cross-species for new hybrid soldiers. DKA was a student at Evolutionary Science when he was in college in the later 1960s.

Inspired by Joseph Stalin's Humanzee Experiments Edit

1930 Stalin

Joseph Stalin was the Dictator of Russia from 1924 to 1953.

Reports in 2005 revealed Stalin's desire for a super soldier. DKA got inspired by the reports and believed he should do the same thing Stalin attempted to do with Human-Ape Crossbreeding.

The Soviets relied on Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov to breed this Humanzee Hybrid, but was a failure, thereby making this hybrid was unsuccessful. However, the 1920s was a decade when Soviet Science was when "anything is possible" and thereby the Golden Age of Soviet Science.

Stalin needed invincible soldiers, so he relied on Crossing Humans and Apes to create a super soldier. By believing this "super soldier" would make the USSR, even more, stronger, even stronger than the West, this would mean the USSR would risk of being a nation of apes and eventually a Planet of Apes.

The Results of these Soviet Experiments were not positive, the crossing of Humans and Apes did not result in the birth of Human-Ape Hybrids.

Preparation for Human-Ape Crossbreeding Experiments Edit

List of Sperm Donors by Ape Species by SDC = Sperm Donor Category Edit

The Sperm donated by these five SDCs are for IVFs, sexual interaction is widely considered unnecessary for the experiments. Which is why Apes including Humans need to donate sperm in order to perform IVF on females of any Ape species including Humans.

  1. SDC-1 = Sperm Donor Category 1 - Humans
  2. SDC-2 = Sperm Donor Category 2 - Chimpanzees
  3. SDC-3 = Sperm Donor Category 3 - Gorillas
  4. SDC-4 = Sperm Donor Category 4 - Orangutans
  5. SDC-5 = Sperm Donor Category 5 - Bonobos

Female Volunteers for IVF Processes Edit

The Chawosaurian Government asked 365,675,453 Chawosaurian Women to participate in these experiments, only 295,565,345 women agreed to participate, Female Apes would be used as well, the Chawosaurian Science Labs would only perform IVF on female apes including female humans. Ironically Non-human Female Apes are taking IVF involuntarily, sparking criticism of this as an example of Animal Cruelty.

Inseminations Edit

Female Humans Edit

51 women were inseminated, each were inseminated by ape sperm of Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Orangutans, and Bonobos, with little success, only 24 women were impregnated due to the Human Chimpanzee DNA similarity, but the women would likely suffer from miscarriages, if the fetuses survive birth, it is very likely that the Humanzee Infants would come out retarded and with a very short lifespan.

Female Apes Edit

It is widely considered Animal Cruelty in Chawosauria, to inseminate female apes with human sperm, with a lack of success, only female chimpanzees were successfully impregnated, but it is likely that none of the fetuses would survive birth at all, and the pregnant chimpanzees are at risk of STDs, cancer, and other diseases that could result in their lives. Chawosaurian Animal Rights Activists have harshly and powerfully criticized the Crossbreeding Experiences as the Greatest Systemic Animal Abuse in the History of Chawosauria.

Health Risks and Concerns of Hybrid Pregnancies Edit

Many Chawosaurian Veterinarians, Animal Rights Activists, Biologists, and Scientists have sent DKA various reports, presentations, and memos raising awareness of the Health consequences of the Pregnancies of Human-Ape Hybrids. The concerns were that the women and female apes who were successfully impregnated are at risk of disease between them and their fetuses, there were widespread calls for Abortions to be obtained by these women and female apes, DKA refused and rejected the Abortion Demands.

Gorillakong Report Edit

On January 20, 2018, DKA demanded a Human-Gorilla hybrid, DKA, naming it, Gorillakong, based on the King Kong gorilla monster, DKA's scientists have conducted a semination on a woman involuntarily, because the woman was a felon, a court sentenced the woman to face an involuntary semination and to possibly carry a human-gorilla hybrid fetus as punishment for the crime she committed.

Results Edit

Pregnancies Edit

Humans are pregnant for 280 days, Chimpanzees are pregnant for 243 days, there were successful seminations and the Chawosaurian Crossbreeding Scientists are waiting on the results of the pregnancies. On May 1, 2018, DKA got a report from the Laboratories warning that some or many of the children would or may not survive childbirth, or would or likely to have very short lifespans.

Other ways of fertilization Edit

This concept incubator would grow babies at your home in a see-through pod

This concept incubator would grow babies at your home in a see-through pod

A New Way of Fertilization?

Some Chawosaurian Scientists have recommended "Concept Incubators" to insert eggs into sperm without the need for sexual intercourse. DKA was concerned that this would be a waste of money even though he thought the idea was better than Bestiality.

DKA wrote a letter to the scientists saying he is up for it, and decided that Bestiality was no longer a need to execute the experiments.