Degotoga K. Atagulkalu

Emperor, Degotoga K. Atagulkalu.

On April 1, 2018, in response to DKA's decisive victory in Operation Napoleon, DKA spoke at the Monarch's Assembly and in his victory speech, he declares this war that it shall have a new name, which DKA, as Emperor, has the right to name wars, DKA declares the war to be renamed from the "Chawosaurian Civil War" to the "Great Patriotic War".

In the speech, where he often quoted Franklin D. Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and Winston Churchill.

The Address Edit

"My fellow Patriots, MPs, Senators, Representatives, my fellow Chawosaurians, we are faced with an undeniable and backstabbing threat, despite my alliances with the "Empire Christians" and my pushing for Section 130, I understand the frustration among my countryman and the fears, but we Chawosaurians have differences of opinions, now it's time to put our differences aside and beat the common enemy. Now is not the time to protest, now it's not the time to mourn our loss, now it's not the time to weep, march, and celebrate our heroes, we are faced with a great war, and it shall not be the "Chawosaurian Civil War" anymore, as long as I'm supreme leader, as long as I'm still standing, this war shall be called the "Great Patriotic War".

We, the Great Empire of Chawosauria, shall give our enemies a message, we're unstoppable, and my message to our enemies, we, Chawosauria, shall be a Great Roman Empire, and to the critics who criticize Chawosauira for being Atheists, well, we are Atheists, and we're damn proud of it, so put up, shut up, and sit your ass down! And our message to this so-called "Christian Empire" of Bismarckia, we will never convert to Christianity!