On March 15, 2017, in Chicago, Illinois at 10:43 PM, there was an Assassination Attempt on Chawosauria's new President, Deganawidah M. Bagwunagijik.   

DMB was shot by an AK-47, a Soviet Assault Weapon that was developed by the Soviets, the weapon was taken away from the Perpetrator by the Chawosaurian State Police and the Perpetrator was kept in a Detention Center while DMB went to the Hospital.   

Background Edit

On March 15, 2017, DMB was leaving the Toyota Park because of planning to see a game there, after leaving the park, he got shot across his shoulder and fell on the seat of a limo. DMB had been President of the Continent Union since March 14, 2017, when Andrew Lincoln died, a gangster shot Bagwunagijik thinking he was just a regular Civilian, but Chicago has higher rates of Gun Shot Crimes thanks to the Gangster Disciples, one of the United States' dangerous gangs after the KKK and more.

Bagwunagijik arrived at the Hospital with a wounded shoulder, he got fixed up and had to stay in the Hospital, the suspect got captured and was reported to the Chicago Police, his family was contacted and didn't pressed charges due to the age of the suspect.