The Defense of Chawallian Nationalism Act is a document that was signed into law in 1941, signed by Timothy Max Roosevelt, to defend Chawosaurian Heritage and Nationalism and Pride by prohibiting Foreign Nationalism and Pride, compare to immigrant rights, Immigrants are not to come to Chawosauria, in the Imperial Chawallian Empire, or Chawmania or other Chawosaurian Nations, the Chawallians, Chawmanians and other Chawosaurians, defended their nationalism by arresting foreign immigrants for immigration, and foreign language and nationalism.

Law Enforcement Edit

The Defense of Nationalism Act was enforced very well and they have good standing in their anti-foreign laws. The Laws were too unjust by 2016 when the Foreign Nationalist Movement came

Foreign Nationalist Movement Edit

The Foreign Nationalist Movement began on November 24, 2015 just after the Freedom of Religion Movement and the Chawosaurian Feminist Liberation Movement.