Deborah Diana Danilowics (b. January 24, 1940) is the Grandmother of Jonathan Bismarck and also a Holocaust Survivor who was born in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in 1940 in then Auschwitz, Nazi Germany (now Oswiecim, Poland).

Deborah Danilowics was born in the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in 1940, her parents were killed in the Final Solution, Deborah was left an only child, adopted by the Schwartz Family after being rescued by the Soviets, lived in the Soviet Union and went to Germany during her childhood, she became very intelligent thanks to the Soviets, joined the Social Democratic Party.

Deborah is now the Chawosaurian European Representative from Germany under Charlemagne Lyons-Montgomery, she came out as a huge critic of Israel by calling it the "Nazi Germany of Judaism" as part of Chawosauria's platform that is openly hostile towards Israel. Chawosauria has lots of negative comments on Israel because of the Palestinians and refused to accept the "Jew Lies".

During her time in Auschwitz, she never faced inhumane experiments by Dr. Josef Mengele, one of the world's most craziest and creepiest scientists, her parents died from Mengele's horrible examinations, with Deborah listening to the screaming of her mother to Mengele's tortures, she cried with her father trying to silence her.