Between July 2014 to present, the Sragonian Christians formed the Army of Christian Crusaders to Christianize Chawosauria by conquering them over to Christianize them and liberate the Christian Chawosaurians from Persecution, as the first Crusades War was a Disaster, the Second Crusades War erupted it.

The Orthodox Tsardom was the first Christian Crusader State to uprise against the Chawosaurian Empire in the summer of 2014, began to expand their territory on Chawosaurian Occupied Land of Slavican Territories meant to Liberate the Chawosaurian and Slavican Christians being persecuted by Chawosaurian Law Enforcement. Throughout the year 2015, the Orthodox Tsardom held a strong lock on Europe, Central Asia, and Siberia, but Chawosauria economically outnumbered the Orthodox Tsardom's Military Budget and began to Economically Crush the Christian Crusader Empire, causing the Orthodox Tsardom to lose much territory, in December 2015, both the Imperial Chawallian Empire and the Orthodox Tsardom crumbled due to the impact of the Escalating Chawosaurian Revolution.

First Crusades War (2014-2015) Edit

The Orthodox Tsardom began to hand independence for themselves and invaded Chawosauria's newly formed provinces and startled the First Crusades War. In later 2014, the Orthodox Tsardom had dominated the entire continent of Europe, Siberia, and Central Asia. Throughout 2015, during the Chawallianity Renaissance, which ended the Imperial Chawallian Empire.

Second Crusades War (2017-present) Edit