During and after the Dictatorship of Timothy Max Roosevelt, Timothy Max Roosevelt was criticized by proponents of Democracy, Human Rights activists, Internationalists, Anti-Communists, Social Democrats, Democratic Socialists, Libertarians, Anarchists, and some Communists and other Left-Wingers. The strongest criticism of Timothy Max Roosevelt was that Timothy was a Totalitarian Dictator and he abused his power for his own well being over the well beings of others, Timothy was strongly condemned by Human Rights advocates for his treatment of Chawosaurians who are Christians.

Timothy Max Roosevelt's terrible Human Rights abuses draw criticism even by some Communists who do not approve of Timothy's Human Rights Violations, one known Communist who spoken out against Timothy's tyranny was his own Prime Minister, Joseph Lyons Bohmer. Timothy's attitudes towards minority groups of Chawosauria and anyone who is different from him draw a deeply intense division among Chawosauria's left-wing community that lasted until Timothy's death in 2011.