The Chawosaurian Supreme Court Decision, Mhasalkar v. Chawmania has received increasing Criticism from Chawosauria's Progressive and Liberal Activists and nearly all Conservatives in Chawosauria. The Religious Community of Chawosauria has been criticizing the Mhasalkar Decision since its decision on February 14, 2017. Chawosauria as a whole tolerate this decision, Chawosaurian Millennials often criticize the Mhasalkar Decision. 

Chawosaurian Left-Wingers and Right-Wingers alike often criticize the Mhasalkar Decision as the Dred Scott Decision of Chawosauria, denying the Religious Community recognition of Citizenship and Personhood just as the Dred Scott Decision denied any Citizenship and Personhood for African-Americans in the United States back in the time they were Slaves until the early 1860s. 

Chawosaurian Far-Leftists and Chawosaurian Far-Rightists often support the Mhasalkar Decision. Chawosauria on social issues are often Far-Right, and economic issues, Chawosauria is solidly Far-Left. However, Chawosauria Right-Wing Politics never had solid power nor influence. 

Comparison between The Mhasalkar Decision and the Dred Scott Decision Edit

Both Mhasalkar and Dred Scott Decisions were wrongly and inhumanely decided against the Personhood of Humans who are Minorities being mistreated by the mainstream society. Dred Scott was an African-American Slave, he attempted to sue for his right to be recognized as a person and not a piece of property, the result was a defeat for Dred Scott, the Supreme Court has ruled that the Federal Government cannot regulate the Labor of owning slaves and African-Americans were deemed as not Human because they were not American Citizens and because of this, they were also deemed not qualified to bring a lawsuit in the Supreme Court. The Mhasalkar Decision was kinda similar to Dred Scott but different because Damodara Mhasalkar was an Immigrant applying for Citizenship in Chawosauria, but Chawosauria never allowed Immigration thereby he was an Illegal Immigrant, but regardless of that, Mhasalkar was arrested because of his "suspicious appearance", he was a Hindu he admitted and was arrested because of this, Mhasalkar quickly called a lawyer but rejected him, he easily sued the Chawosaurian Government and the Mhasalkar Hearings began, which he didn't attend, on November 26, 2015. In the summer of 2016, Mhasalkar was killed by a group of prisoners while still in prison, after Mhasalkar's death, the Chawosaurian Supreme Court refused to strike down Section 126 and deemed the Religious Community as not a recognized protected class, declaring them as "Not Equal Class Citizens" because they have no Citizenship to Chawosauria because, under Chawosaurian Law, Criminalized Social Groups are not guaranteed Citizenship, also under Chawosaurian Law, Citizenship is Only for those who have No Criminal Record.