Chawosauria as both a nation has before and as a fictional series will receive criticism from both Chawosauria's conquered victims and the viewers and readers of Chawosauria as a fictional series. The Politics of Chawosauria will be criticized as a Left-Wing Nation by Right-Wingers in both the Human World and in Chawosauria and their universe. Chawosauria's crimes as an empire rightfully deserve criticism and condemnation, Chawosauria's persecution of Christians is Chawosauria's most deplorable human rights crime by all people regardless of political and religious viewpoint.

Conservatives would criticize and allege Chawosauria for promoting Left-Wing Politics and Political Bias towards Conservatives when ironically Chawosauria is politically biased towards Communism and Far-Left Politics and support or opposition towards Centrism is not featured anywhere in Chawosauria's series and Elitism and Nepotism are widely featured on both political sides in Chawosauria's modern political series.

Allegations of Political Bias? Edit

Chawosauria is often critical when it comes to politics, for example, Chawosauria condemns State Atheism but seems like Chawosauria is promoting bias towards Atheism which would be a false allegation, bias towards Atheism is not part of Chawosauria's goal as a fictional series, ironically Chawosauria is critical of Theocracy, often promoting bias towards Theocracy and praise for Secular Statism.

Chawosauria as a fictional universe may face allegations of bias and prejudice by misinterpreting readers. Communists would likely disagree with Chawosauria's point of view towards Communism and Conservatives would disagree with Chawosauria's point of view towards Conservatism, Social Democrats would likely agree and be pleasured by Chawosauria's point of view towards Social Democracy. Chawosauria showed no bias towards Anarcho-Communism, Libertarian Socialists, and other Socialists. Support or Opposition towards Liberalism is rare.

Sexuality in the Culture of Chawosauria Edit

The Sexuality of Chawosauria will likely face harsh criticism, especially from Conservative Evangelicals. Chawosauria's practice of Cousin Marriage among Chawosauria's higher class families will be socially controversial. Chawosauria's acceptance towards LGBT People will be praised by Liberals and other supporters of the LGBT Rights Movement.