The Crimson Kingdom (commonly known by critics as the Crimson Empire" was the Theocratic Monarchical Kingdom that lasted for a year. It had 11 Monarchs and ruled based on the Liberal and Conservative Christian Theologies. It's first was Joseph Stallion and last was Joseph Griffith. It's Founding Father, Bassoon Gryffindor, helped organized the Kingdom's founding but died two months before the Kingdom's Establishment in 2012. Gryffindor would've been the Kingdom's first King, but his death prevented the possibility. In 2013, the Kingdom was under siege by Liberal Rebels, destroying the Empire, the Crimsonian Liberals succeeded overthrowing the Kingdom's Christian Government, including the Kingdom itself whole. By June 16 to August 23, 2013, the Kingdom crumbled and by the fall of 2013, the Crimson Kingdom finished their dissolution, splitting the state of Alabama into two nations, North Alaska and South Alabama.