Since the Medieval Times, the Bismarck family performed cousin marriage of any kind, first cousin, second cousin, or third cousin marriage. The reason why cousin marriage is performed by this family is because that since the family was Christianized in the beginning of the Dark Ages, the family ended their sibling marriages and inbreeding influenced by Paganism and became Christians, but the Holy Bible lacks the prohibition of cousin marriage, one of the Bible's biggest flaws, making matters worse, the Bible's figures were said to be married to their cousins. Since and despite Christianization, the Bismarcks' inbreeding continued all the way to the 21st Century. Today, Cousin marriage does occur only often in the family but not as much as it had before the 21st Century. The biological consequences of cousin marriage is getting visible, but the family has a strong staunch Anti-Science stance influenced by the Bible, making the family tent to be more Ultra-Conservative on the world around them.  

The Bismarck family perform this kind of marriage to keep their white ethnicity "pure" because they fear that since interracial marriage is now socially encouraged, white people today are becoming "impure", the Bismarcks also marry their cousins pretty constantly is basically greed, their strong refusal to share their ancestry, bloodline, and their wealth with other families, rich or not.  

History Edit

When the Bismarcks were pagans, they performed sibling marriage and inbreeding, the results are usually worse, in 2018, DNA results show that their children were deformed and they always die right after birth, but there were always lucky survivors, those who were lucky enough and well-formed enough were able to go on and engage in sibling marriage and have children, and it repeats all over again. When Christianity got ended up taking over much of Europe, the Bismarcks became Christianized, and their sibling incest ended, but centuries later, cousin marriage started to occur because of the Bible's silence on cousin marriage, giving the Bismarcks a free pass to continue keeping the Bismarck name and blood in the family tree. By the 21st Century, the rate of cousin marriage is over 30% up to 50% of marriages in the family. The more Christian the Bismarcks will remain, the more the cousin inbreeding will escalate in the future.

List of Cousin Marriages in the Bismarck Family Edit

Couple Cousin status Children
1 Jonathan Davgon Bismarck X 8th Cousins
  1. Jonathan Davgon Bismarck XI
  2. Jacquelyn Victoria Bismarck II
  3. Sabryna Elaine Bismarck
  4. Gustavus Davgon Bismarck
  5. Evander Davgon Bismarck
  6. Jakobina Elaina Bismarck
  7. Jeanette Elaina Bismarck
  8. Franklin Dagfin Bismarck
Jacquelyn Victoria Bismarck
2 Dragomir Ludwig Bismarck 2nd Cousins
  1. Schwartz Ludolf Bismarck
  2. Jonathan Ludwig Bismack
  3. Theodore Ludolf Bismarck
  4. Wolfgang Delano Bismarck
  5. Samantha Bismarck
  6. Elisabeth Amanda Bismarck
  7. Charlotte Bismarck
  8. Stephanie Bismarck
  9. Jessica Bismarck
  10. Garfield Bismarck
  11. Zachery Bismarck
  12. Leopold Bismarck
Victoria Anna Schwartz
3 Evander Davgon Bismarck II 1st Cousins
  1. Evander Davgon Bismarck III
  2. Jeanette Elaina Bismarck
Jeanette Elaina Balewicz
4 Eusebius Davgon Bismarck 1st Cousins
  1. Eusebius Davgon Bismarck II
  2. Ludovico Davgon Bismarck
  3. Ludovica Aurora Bismarck
Ludovica Aurora Bismarck
5 Jonathan Drasko Bismarck XXIV 1st Cousins
  1. Elisabeth Iris Bismarck
  2. Franklyn Deaglan Bismarck
  3. Jonathan Drasko Bismarck XXV
Elizabeth Victoria Bismarck
6 Jonathan Drasko Bismarck XXV 3rd Cousins
  1. Jonathan Drasko Bismarck †
  2. Elizabeth Victoria Bismarck
  3. Charlotte Elissa Bismarck
  4. Wolfgang Drasko Bismarck
  5. Jonathan Drasko Bismarck XXVI
Lidwina Vicky Bismarck
7 Christian Mickey Bismarck 19th Cousins 2x removed Possibly some children
Lidwina Vicky Bismarck