Continent Union v. Sweden was a Chawosaurian Supreme Court Case that fought for the State Right to choose rather or not to criminalize or decriminalize religion on their state boundary, and then pass laws against or in favor of the Chawosaurians of Faith.

The Selection of Religion Act and the Chawosaurian Constitution included States Rights and thereby, and to determine rather or not, Section 126, the federal law that prohibits all Chawosaurian States from decriminalizing religion is unconstitutional or not, and to determine the laws of Chawosauria's anti-religious laws as unconstitutional or just the way it is.

The Religious Freedom and Secular State Act was introduced on September 1, 2016 into Chawosaurian Congress of Sweden and became the first legislation, supporting and advocating for Religious Freedom in the Government while the blocked and rigged Freedom of Religion Act is not having any attention as the Selection of Religion Act is.

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On August 30, 2016, the question of State Rights has been controversial question since 2016 and now talking about it in the Chawosaurian Supreme Court.

Religious Freedom Battle Edit

The Chawosaurian Multicultural Revolution varied on the case and the Mhasalkar v. Chawmania case has been longtime debated from November 26, 2015 to 2017?, and the Chawosaurians have been violent with the Religious Community for a longtime and they persecuted the Religious Community in a horrible violent military manner, by shooting them, declaring war on them, killing them, sentencing them to capital punishment and slavery, and torture.

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