The Continent Union (officially the Union of Contential Constitutional Republics) is a proposed alliance of Continents that would be the major constituent administrative divisions of the Empire of Chawosauria. The Chawosaurian Empire is a world government empire, and like the United States, which it's not a world government empire, the Empire of Chawosauria would treat the continents of the world like how America treats their 50 States.

History Edit

Proposal (1941-2015) Edit

Timothy Portrait

Chawosaurian Dictator Timothy Max Roosevelt was the first individual to proposed the Continent Union project in 1941.

The idea of a Continent Union was coined and proposed in 1941 by Timothy Max Roosevelt, Chawosauria's future dictator at the time, and this idea was inspired by the Soviet Union. Timothy studied Soviet Politics when he was living in the USSR between 1924 to 1930. Timothy influenced Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII a few years after coming to power in 1976. Johnathan VII's idea of a Continent Union was to be more similar to the European Union and the African Union and their political systems with the Continents, that the Continents should be considered to be independent sovereign states. In Chawosauria, the proposal of the Continent Union became widely popular, polling at 80-90% popular.

Implementation Attempts Edit

Attempts to implement the Continent Union project failed many times, even Timothy Max Roosevelt couldn't even implement the Continent Union successfully. The Continent Union did get established in 1975, but it wasn't a peaceful implementation, the Chawosaurians fought in the Second Brutal War, which was a Civil War between the Communists and the Colonialists. After the War ended under a Communist victory, the Communist Party won a huge electoral sweep in the 1975 federal election to replace the aging Emperor Santiago. Once Timothy and his Communists came to power, the Continent Union was established, but due to a strong and powerful central government put in place by the Communist Party, the Continent Union was too weak to exist because Continents were unable to govern themselves, making Timothy's dream an illusion.

Mission Edit

The mission of the Continent Union is to increase Chawosauria's power as an imperial empire that will overtake other nations in the Posthuman Universe, this system is a weapon planned by Timothy Max Roosevelt, Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII, the Bismarck Family, and their allies.