In Chawosaurian Politics and History, there is alot of Consanguinity as a result of mass inbreeding in Chawosauria's political dynasties, the Bismarcks, the Websters, the Schwartz, and many other families. Also known as Chawosaurian Consanguinity, many descendants of Garfield Lucas WebsterTheodore McClellanJonathan Davgon Bismarck XJonathan Dragan Bismarck XVIIFrederick William Schwartz, and Joe Bohmer are all related to each other. 

Chawosaurian Monarchy Edit

Consanguinity is widespread in the monarchy, like all or many monarchies from human history. Timothy Max Roosevelt was the former son-in-law to Emperor Santiago. Emperor Santiago was also the great-uncle of Timothy Max Roosevelt's fourth and last wife, Elizabeth Mary Alexandria, making Timothy Max Roosevelt the great-nephew-in-law also to Emperor Santiago. Timothy Max Roosevelt was also the step-great-grandson of Emperor Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery. Timothy Max Roosevelt was the first cousin 3x removed by marriage to Antonio Kingston.

Prime Ministers Edit

Prime Minister Relationship
One Two
Frederick William Schwartz Jonathan Davgon Bismarck X 14th cousins
Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII 17th cousins 2x removed
Joseph Lyons Bohmer Schwartz was the great-great-uncle (by marriage) to Bohmer
Jonathan Davgon Bismarck X Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII 17th cousins 2x removed
Joseph Lyons Bohmer 14th cousins 1x removed (by marriage)

The consanguinity of Leonid Ivan Bzovsky and Jonathan Sidney MacCarthy III are not known yet but both members of the Eastern families.