In early 20th Century Chawosauria, there were rumors, allegations, and accusations of Chawosaurians having ties with the Wizarding World. These rumors lasted from 1901 to World War II. It escalated in 1927 during the crimes of Gellert Grindelwald. Chawosaurian Prime Ministers Malcolm Lyons MacKenzie Wilson, Garfield Lucas Webster, Theodore McClellan, and Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII suffered from severe allegations. The Gasaffelstein family promoted these allegations against the four Prime Ministers.

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Hogwarts at Winter

Some Chawosaurian politicians including Theodore McClellan and Garfield Webster were alleged-Hogwarts students.

After the First Brutal War ended, Chawopolis City was stormed by troops that defeated Chawosauria and found documents that connects the pagan cultures of Chawosauria and the Wizarding World. These documents were letters from Emperor Dallucas V to Godric Gryffindor written in 996 CE, in Old English, that Dallucas V learned as a young prince. The Dallucas V letters asked Gryffindor to accept Chawalliankalitans who were Wizards and Witches. Sparking rumors between Chawosaurians and Wizards having connections. These letters became top secret in the 1400s when Chawosauria's pagan culture began to decline.

List of Chawosaurians who were rumored to be Wizards Edit

Chawosaurians who were alleged to be Magicians
Chawosaurians Occupation Nationality Lifespan Response
Malcolm Lyons MacKenzie Wilson Prime Minister of Chawosauria Scottish 1860-1965 Declined
Garfield Lucas Webster English 1860-1955 Declined
Theodore McClellan American 1860-1957 Declined
Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII Romanian 1890-2013 Declined
Jonathan Sidney MacCarthy House of Commons member Australian 1890-1995 Denied
Jonathan Lothian MacCarthy Canadian b. 1920 Declined
Samantha Amanda Montgomery Chawosaurian Senator American b. 1920 Denied

Chawosaurians responding to allegations of being magicians vary, some deny it, but some "declined" to respond, which means (not at that time period) that these Chawosaurians likely do have connections with the Wizarding World, Wicca, Satanism, or other forms of Occultism, and or any kind of magic.

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