The Communist Coalition was a Chawosaurian Majority Coalition of Communist Parties led by the Chawosaurian Communist Party. The Coalition was formed in 1976 and dissolved in 2016, however, the Coalition was formed in response to the Chawallian Communist Party's failure to obtain a majority of Chawopolis Palace in the 1975 Elections. The Chawosaurians representing the Australian Labor Party won the 10th Party Section of Seats of Chawosaurian Parliament, preventing a Chawallian Communist Party Majority, but luckily, there are Eight Party Sections of Communist Parties the Chawallian Communists can form a Majority Coalition with, enabling a Communist Working Majority, outsizing the Labour Minority led by George Windsor.

The Coalition collapsed in the 2015 Federal Election, leaving the Chawallian Communist Party, the only party in the Chawopolis Palace.