In Chawosaurian Paganism, the Cobra Tail Wand (commonly known as the Cobra Tail or the Cobra Wand) is a Chawosaurian wand presently being mastered by former Chawosaurian Prime Minister Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII between 1908 to today, even though Bismarck is now dead. The wand was previously owned by Wolfgang Ísbiǫrn McClellan, but McClellan lost its allegiance in 1908 when he dueled with Jonathan D. Bismarck and lost the duel to Bismarck, along with the wand.

The wand was created Dallucas V, one of Chawosauria's ancient monarchs, and passed down to every monarch following Dallucas V until Emperor Dorea Tongula losing a duel to Godric Aslan Basilisk, one of Chawosauria's powerful sorcerers. Godric Basilisk passed his wand down to Draco Basilisk, his son, by allowing him to disarm his father voluntarily. The wand eventually was gained by Wolfgang Ísbiǫrn McClellan in 1891 after the death of George Wesley by will, and the wand switched allegiance from the deceased wizard under that wizard's orders.

McClellan owned the wand from 1891 to 1908, and by 1908, McClellan got into an unexpecting duel with Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII, and after three hours of dueling, Bismarck finally disarmed McClellan with his disarming charm after McClellan attempted and failed to hit Bismarck with his killing curse, and after McClellan lost the duel to Bismarck, the Cobra Tail broke McClellan's grip on the wand itself and threw itself into Bismarck's open hand as Bismarck prepares to catch it. Bismarck gained full ownership over the Cobra Tail.

After 105 years of living under Bismarck's ownership, the wand lost its power in the hands of the natural death of Jonathan D. Bismarck in 2013, and the wand becomes a death wand, a wand that loses its power at the hands of the natural death of its master but develops the power to cause death to a person who dares to use the death wand itself.