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Christmas Mary Roosevelt
Christmas Roosevelt
Christmas Roosevelt
Vital statistics
Position Daughter of Timothy Max Roosevelt
Age 70 (2019)
Born January 26, 1949

Canberra, Australia

Died Still Alive
Status Living
Mother Elizabeth Mary Alexandria
Father Timothy Max Roosevelt
Spouse Woodrow Roosevelt
Sons Bismarck Roosevelt

Dragomir Roosevelt

Wolfgang Roosevelt

MacKenzie Roosevelt

Daughters No daughters or unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Christmas Mary Roosevelt (b. January 26, 1949), is the fictional character, the Daughter of Timothy Max Roosevelt and Elizabeth Mary Alexandria.

She was born in Australia in January 26, 1949 in Canberra, she was raised in the Atheist Ideals and her parents' attitudes towards Religion was never pleasant. She became the mother of four children and a wife of Woodrow Roosevelt.