In the Society and Culture of Chawosauria, Christianity is a taboo, with or without Atheist dominance, and is even a crime in some provinces of Chawosauria. The legal penalty of Christianity in states where Christianity is illegal varies. Today in Chawosauria, in both states where Christianity is legal and illegal, Christians face legal challenges not experienced by non-Christians, and the Civil Rights for Christian Chawosaurians are heavily regulated and they lack legal legitimization.   

The Interactions between Chawosauria and Christians were and are always hostile, the First Brutal War, Christianization, the Dictatorship of Timothy Max Roosevelt, the Great Patriotic War, and the elections of 1975, 2015, 2016, the two elections of 2017, and 2019.   

The reason why Chawosauria hates Christianity is because that during the era of European Colonization, the European Imperialists, after conquering the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, used Christianity as an accuse to either slaughter, enslave, or forcibly assimilate Natives to European culture, but the final nail to the coffin for Chawosauria to hate Christianity is when the Pro-European Colonialist and Christian fundamentalist Red Coat Leafians and their Christian terrorist allies declared war on Chawosauria's Chawalliankalitan Empire in the First Brutal War, and the Red Coat Leafians successfully defeating the Chawosaurians, and after the war, attempted to forcibly cleanse Chawosauria's Indigenous non-Christian culture through a package of assilimative programs called "Christianization". Unfortunately for the Christian conquerors, "Christianization" was a humiliating failure for Christian power in Chawosauria as Chawosaurians fought back against their own Christian authorities with the tactics of terrorism, hate speech, hate crimes, inbreeding, converting to Atheism from their indigenous religion, and electing Anti-Christian Socialists and Hardcore Secularists to political power. Once the Communist Party of Chawosauria won absolute power in the 1975 federal election, from the executive branches of government to the judicial branches of government, the "Christianization" program was permanently dismantled whole by 1979, and by 1976, the whole Christian community in Chawosauria became subjected to legal incarceration for being Christians as revenge for their military victories in the wars against the Native Americans, and their military victories over Chawosauria in 1895.