In Chawosaurian Society, the Christian Satanic Ritual conspiracy theories are a group of Christianophobic rumors and theories spreading in Chawosauria that falsely accuses the followers of Christianity of performing both Christian and Satanic rituals in honor of both Jesus Christ and Satan as "Brothers" even though Christians are highly opposed to Satan and in Biblical scripters, Jesus is obviously God's loyal ally and Satan's enemy.

These rumors spread drastically Chawosauria-wide in June 2018. Christian churches were burned down and terrorized as a result of these fake rumors, and openly Christian students were expelled and openly Christian employees were fired from their jobs and legal marriages between openly Christian couples were annulled by local and state/provincial governments of Chawosauria as a result of these rumors.

These rumors began to target Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII, the potential CDP candidate for the 2019 federal election, Emperor Degotoga K. Atagulkalu, the great uncle of Johnathan VII, was accused of having Satanists [Christians] in his administration. These rumors caused widespread escalating hysteria towards Christianity.