In Chawosauria, the Christian Refugee Ban and Religious Test on Asylum Seekers Act of 2019 is an Anti-Christian Legislative Order that prohibits Christian refugees seeking to flee from religious persecution from entering in Chawosauria to seek asylum and prohibits Christians in Chawosauria from escaping persecution in Chawosauria. 

After passing the Nobility Act of 2019, the Capitalist-controlled Chawopolis Palace received a heated backlash over their passage of the bill, creating a feudal society, which is a deeply unpopular move for the Capitalists, looking for a comeback from this backlash, the Capitalists introduce a bipartisan bill, supported from half of the Capitalist caucus and the entire Communist caucus, prohibiting Christians trying to flee from religious persecution in their home country to seek asylum in Chawosauria. This bill has alienated Christians in the Capitalist caucus, but they were convinced that this is a way for the Capitalists to stay in power in the 2019 legislative elections.