In the Chawosaurian World, Christianity is unanimously illegal and are socially unacceptable, however, Chawosauria has strict laws prohibiting the practice of "Christian Marriage" because it's a Christian Practice, the Chawosaurian Society unanimously agreed that Christianity should stay a crime and a unanimous agreement with the death penalty for Christian Practices.

Chawosauria does ban the practice of Polygamy and as marriage is defined between two people, the Chawosaurians has strict capital punishments for Polygamy.

Governments Edit

Chawosauria is now divided under several governments since the fall of Timothy Max Roosevelt, but while Christianity is unanimously unacceptable in the Chawosaurian World.

Legalization Edit

The Chawosaurian People unanimously disagrees with the legalization of all Christian Practices and Beliefs and they unanimously oppose affirmative actions towards Christian People, Chawosauria has a greater unanimous disagreement with the Equality and Civil Rights for Christian People because they are not considered "Chawosaurian Like".