Christian Marriage Law in the Empire of Chawosauria

Laws of Chawosauria addressing Christian Marriages

In Chawosauria, Laws regulating Marriage between Christians vary on a state-by-state basis. Most Chawosaurian States have Statutes banning Christians from receiving marriage licenses and performing Christian weddings. 

Interfaith marriage is banned everywhere in Chawosauria, Chawosauria just legalized Interracial marriage in 2018, and same-sex marriage is legal everywhere in Chawosauria.  

History Edit

Christian marriages were brought to the Chawalliankalitan Empire in the Viking Age. Christian marriages were performed alot in Chawalliankalita. Christian marriage was legal in all of Chawosauria before the First Brutal War. During the aftermath of the First Brutal War, Chawosaurian states introduced and passed legislation banning Christians from receiving marriage licenses and performing weddings. Canada, Scandinavia, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, and Greenland are the only states in Chawosauria that unlimitedly allows Christian marriages, while the United States, Mexico, Austria, Italy, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, Uruguay, Poland, most of the Baltic states, the Czech Republic, Japan, and other nations allow Christian marriage, but often regulates it. Most of South America, Africa, and Asia bans Christian marriage entirely.

States where Christian marriage is legal Edit

States that Christian marriage is limitlessly legal Edit

State Legal or Illegal? Regulations and Limits Legalized
Australia Legal none Always legal
Canada Legal none Always legal
United Kingdom Legal none Always legal
New Zealand Legal none Always legal
Sweden Legal none Always legal
Norway Legal none Always legal
Denmark Legal none Always legal
Finland Legal none Always legal
Iceland Legal none Always legal
Germany Legal none Always legal
France Legal none Always legal
Spain Legal none Always legal