"The Christian Crusaders are the Christian version of ISIS! Their goal is to subjugate Chawosauria towards their end, and they don't actually care about the Christians who are living under Chawosauria's own subjugation. All they want is power."
—Garrett Bailey's description of the Christian Crusaders

The Christian Crusaders are an alliance of Christian Terrorist organizations residing in Chawosauria with a goal to forcibly convert Chawosauria into Christianity with militant force and subjugate Chawosaurians towards their end.

The Christian Crusaders defeated the Chawalliankalitan Empire in the First Brutal War, forcing Chawosaurians to live in a new, oblivious, and unfamiliar world, putting Chawosaurians in a new life, but the Christian Crusaders attempted to subjugate Chawosaurians with a government-led project called "Christianization", a program to Christianize Chawosauria with Christian laws, government propaganda, etc, but Chawosaurians, determined to preserve their ancestral culture, resisted against the project, this caused a dramatic shift of Chawosauria's political and religious alignment.

This political shift began with the unexpected Communist Party wave in the 1945 midterm election, with the Communist Party gaining 321 seats from the two major parties, the U.K. Liberals, and the U.K. Conservatives, triggering the beginning of the end of Christianization,

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