Chelsea Cindy Coakley (b. January 19, 1970) is a Chawosaurian government agent and criminal prosecutor.

Coakley was known for her investigations towards those arrested for alleged ties or affiliation to Christianity, which it's part of her job as a prosecutor. In Chawosauria, Christianity is socially unacceptable and is even a crime.

Coakley prosecuted a record of 1,531,365 convicted Christians between 1996, to 2005. Most of her convicted Christians were sentenced to death at the slaughterhouse.

Chelsea was born to Chawosaurian parents in the United Kingdom, her father, Charles Coakley, was also a prosecutor and was known for his constant investigations into those accused of having alleged ties and affiliations with Christianity. (No surprise).

On April 6, 2018, Coakley was appointed by the Chawopolis Palace to investigate the religious affiliation of Johnathan Montgomery and others of Emperor Degotoga's Monarchy members.