Chawoserbians are a nomad people related to the Chawosaurians and Chawoserbia is a Chawoplanet unionized in the Chawoverse. One of the most influential Chawoplanets in the Chawoverse.

Their own government, their own state, their own military, but not a superpower like Chawosauria, if Chawoserbia invaded Chawosauria, Chawosauria would've conquered them in a month, which is how small their nation really is, with Chawosauria so much bigger than the British Empire. The Chawoserbian Nation are enemies with Chawosauria but are temporary allies with Chawosauria against the Theodosian Empire.

Chawoserbia is known for its Liberal Values regarding Religious Freedom and Secular Equality, the Government of Chawoserbia is strictly Religiously-Neutral, meaning their government are strictly secular, a much bigger Democracy than Chawosauria, they have a President, their incumbent President is Jacob Grifasi.