In Chawosauria, where Slavery exists, how Chawosaurian Slave Owners and Masters treat their slaves is far inhumane then how Slave Owners in the United States treated African-American slaves before the American Civil War.

Chawosauria's favorite treatment of slaves is family separation, child molestation for sport, and beating them in the faces while wearing gold, silver, and nailed finger rings.

Family Separation Edit

Chawosaurian Slave Masters often take away children from parents for entertainment just to hear mothers cry and beg for their kids, and in many cases, here kids cry for their parents. At Slave Auctions, family separation is so widespread, it is as widespread as public sexual molestation of slaves regardless of age and gender for sport and entertainment before being sold.

Sexual Abuse Edit

Slaves, regardless of age and gender, face sexual abuse and harassment on the daily and nightly bases, under Chawosaurian law, slaves cannot reproduce offspring, female slaves can only engage in sexual activity with male slave owners and masters, regarding men, absences is preached to them and any male slave caught having sex with another slave, man or woman, that slave will be put to death.

Workforce and Workload Edit

Male slaves work nonstop with no bathroom breaks, eating and drinking breaks, not even the whole night to sleep, while female slaves work during the day and then rest for the night (because of the need for sex and reproduction of offspring). For slave men, the workload is so overloaded. Predominately, slave women are sex slaves.

Food and Drinking Edit

Under Chawosaurian Law, eating and drinking are for Chawosaurian Citizens only, Slaves are not considered Civilians of the Empire of Chawosauria, but the property of the Empire of Chawosauria.

Health Edit

Slaves are not entitled to have healthcare. Regardless of low health, slaves are still required to work overtime. For pregnant slaves, slaves are required to stay at the homes of Aristocrats in Chawosauria and give birth, but the child will be separated, sometimes eaten by aristocrats.