In Chawosaurian Society, Chawosaurian Traditionalism or Chawosaurian Social Conservatism is a standard of moral values of Chawosaurian Society despite the evolution of Chawosauria's Religious Demographics throughout their history. It is hostile to outsider values such as Christian Values for example, and it disapproves the rejection of Parental Values (the values of one's parent).

History Edit

Originated from Chawalliankalitanism, the values were too strong for the fall of Chawosauria under Atheist dominance, Chawosaurian Traditionalism became the backbone of Chawosaurian Atheism despite Atheism is the ideology that rejects all Religious Traditionalism in favor of Secular Ethical Values.

Standards Edit

Family Edit

There is no history of regulation of gender roles, Homosexuals marrying and raising a family is so widely encouraged equally as Heterosexuals, but it teaches Heterosexuality can produce, which it's Scientifically proven, which the downside of this is Sexualism, the prejudice towards one's sexual orientation. The Children are tobe respectful and responsive to the elder at all cost, the woman is encouraged to neither satisfy her husband, or work in a man's job to economically support her family. Premarital Sex is rarely acceptable, still today in Chawosauria. There are no limits on Abortion and Birth Control. Children are required to have the exact same beliefs and morals as the parent, and cannot convert to one's own philosophy.

Marriage Edit

An Institution between only two individuals regardless of sex, Polygamy, Intermarriage, and (modernly) marriage between Christians are widely socially unacceptable and are serious traditional taboos.