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April 14, 2017 Chawallian Flag 2019
Chawosaurian Special Election of December 31, 2017
December 31, 2017
Degotoga K. Atagulkalu (3) Electoral Profile - Timothy Max Roosevelt II
Nominee Degotoga K. Atagulkalu Timothy Max Roosevelt II
Party Democratic Communist
Home state United States Russia
Running mate Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII Joseph Mario Lopez
Electoral vote 152 43
Popular vote 535,365,415 532,306,537
Percentage 50.1% 49.9%
Map of the 2017 Special Election
Results of the 2017 Special Election
Supreme Leader before election
Degotoga K. Atagulkalu
Elected Supreme Leader
Degotoga K. Atagulkalu
The Chawosaurian Special Election of 2017 is the first Special Election in the History of Chawosaurian Politics. It was set up in Declaration by the Chawosaurian Parliament and the House of the Stalinists due to the Disappointment of Degotoga K. Atagulkalu and his Military Code of Conduct that would allow Religion in the Armed Forces, the Communist Party's decision to hold a Special Election to overthrow DKA backfired spectacularly and DKA won a Highly Effective Decisive Victory over the Communist Party.

On July 23, 2017, the Chawosaurian Comrade Commission ordered to hold Chawosauria's first Comrade Presidential Special Election, challenging JSM. The Comrade Greens nominated Josiah Elijah Kennedy. The First time the Comrade Province of California is challenging the Winning State, which it's New York. On September 3, 2017, George Windsor resigned from the election to continue his work for the Chawosaurian European Parliament. The Campaign became dominant by DKA's Tax Crimes because of Hurricane Harvey.

Degotoga K. Atagulkalu won the Special Election between December 24, to 31, 2017, also winning support from the Chawosaurian Government while his Post-Communist Monarchical Predecessors failed to win the government electorally, by winning a decisive victory despite also winning a close popular vote victory ended up winning and defeating Timothy Max Roosevelt II by 3 Million points in the popular vote, DKA gains an easy ability to reign Chawosauria, the first Monarch since Timothy Max Roosevelt to electorally achieve this victory. Forming the Left-Wing Coalition as the Majority Governing Coalition, while the Big Tent Coalition becomes the Minority Coalition, all New Political Parties have equal balances of power except the United Liberal Party, a Center-Right Party, the United Liberal Party was also the first political right-leaning political party since both the British Liberal Party and the British Conservative Party in the later Maronardo Age and the entire Montgomery Age to pick up representation in the Chawosaurian Government.

Degotoga K. Atagulkalu won this election in a wave victory, swept his political coalition to power in the Chawopolis Palace, and giving DKA himself significant power over Chawosauria.

The Special Election could lead to a Realignment of Chawosauria's Political Climate. This election is not a realignment, but this election will likely go on to have an impact on the 2019 Federal Election in 2019.

Viewers would comment on the Map Results as "Colorful" as DKA narrows the Popular Vote Margins.

DKA won a record 152 countries to Timothy II's 43 countries, that is a record-breaking margin of countries for an Anti-Communist politician, leading to a debate on rather or not DKA won the election in a landslide. Only Timothy Max Roosevelt and Samantha Wawetseka could win that many countries bigger than 152, making this a not very convincing nor an impressive victory. DKA won North America, Europe, Asia, Antarctica, and Oceania continent-wide, and the vast majority of Islands in the World.

With this election, DKA won this election, not in a landslide because of the popular vote, which DKA did win narrowly, but in the election as a whole, he did win in a significant victory, winning the monarchy, and he won the Chawopolis Palace, earning him significant power.

After the mass controversy over Donald Trump's family separation policy, Timothy II created a rumor that the US is engaging in pedophilia toward migrant children who were recently taken from their parents by the Americans, which gave Timothy II a projected 100% boosting score in the polls because of Chawosauria's ignored Anti-American voters, the voting bloc that did not participate in this special election for Timothy II because of Timothy II's lack of appeal towards them, realizing that this was the main source of Timothy II's narrow loss to DKA, Timothy II made another accusation that the Donald Trump administration and their Republican Party government has ordered the Americans to molest migrant children in exchange for campaign contributions for the 2018 and 2020 elections.

Background Edit

In the summer of 2017, DKA proposed a military order to order the Chawosauria Military tobe inclusive to Religious Chawosaurians, the Communist Party resisted the military order and out of anger, they called a Special Election to "Fill the Vacancy of the Monarchy", the Monarchy was vacated by Timothy Max Roosevelt in 2011, but was filled by Samantha Wawetseka in the 2015 Federal Election. Samantha was removed in March 2016 and replaced by Abooksigun Eluwilussit, the Monarchy was once again vacated, but being held by Abooksigun, the 2016 Federal Election was for Abooksigun to fill the vacancy, but failed to gain the vacant and to rule Chawosauria in his own right and the vacant throne was filled by Malina Parker in 2017, she was assassinated and the throne was once again vacated, Oconostota Eluwilussit gained the vacant throne, but was shortly removed because of his age, and DKA was chosen to gain the vacant seat, the Government ordered the 2017 Federal Election, the result was a popular vote tie and both DKA and TMR 2.0 were declared power sharing rulers and the throne remains vacant. DKA had decreed a military order to allow Religious Minorities to serve in Chawosauria's Armed Forces, the Government was so furious they called a "Special Election" to overthrow DKA electorally, the Government failed to electorally overthrow DKA as he wins the special election and becoming the Legitimate Emperor of Chawosauria and the Throne was no longer vacant. DKA was given the Constitutional Right to Aboslutely Rule Chawosauria and Dictate the Policies and Laws, even the Personal Lives of Chawosaurian Civilians.

Candidates Edit

Chawosaurian Democratic Party Edit

Degotoga Kanuna Atagulkalu Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII
Incumbent Incumbent
Degotoga K. Atagulkalu
Emperor Comrade President
February 24, 2017 April 20, 2017

The Chawosaurian Democratic Party has no real power and is joining the U.S. Democratic Party because of DKA. DKA is planning to run a campaign on Left-Wing Populism and rally against the Timothy Max Roosevelt Establishment.

Chawallian Communist Party Edit

Timothy Max Roosevelt II Joseph Mario Lopez
Timothy Max Roosevelt II
Joseph Lopez
Nominated: August 31, 2017 Nominated: September 14, 2017

The Chawallian Communist Party was founded as a Far-Left Party by Timothy Max Roosevelt, the Party has won their very first and most Massive Realignment Victory in 1975. Started the Communist Coalition that lasted from 1976 to 2015. The Party after Timothy's Death in 2011 was moved to the Third Position from the Far-Left.

Social Democratic Workers' Party Edit

Social Democratic Workers&#039; Party

Logo of the Social-Democratic Workers' Party (SDWP) with on top is the Chawosaurian Socialist Flag.

The Social Democratic Workers' Party is a new Party in Chawosauria fighting on the Political Platform of Social Democracy by Campaigning in a Populist Manner. The Party aims to Appeal to Working Class People and also the Middle Class. By Campaigning against the Chawosaurian Wealthy Criminal Elites and the Wealthy Nepotist Elites. The Party appeals to the Chawosaurian Socialist and Labour Movement began by George Windsor under the Democratic Socialist Opposition to the Communist Regime of Timothy. The Party was founded on August 8, 2017, and then Established fully on September 3, 2017, and then began Campaigning for Power. They nominated DKA as their Potential Candidate under the Suggestion of their Founder and Leader, George Windsor III.

United Liberal Party Edit

Liberal Party

ULP Logo

The Party attempted right after its Founding attempted to Run and Win their first election in the 2015 Election under their first Candidate, Kesegowaase Bagwunagijik. The Party lost by a Landslide to Samantha Wawetseka. They Ran again in the 2016 Election under their Incumbent Emperor, Abooksigun Eluwilussit, but he died after Election Day right during he could win the Popular Vote, making him a Legitimately Elected Emperor in his own right. The Party unanimously agreed to make DKA their Potential Candidate even though he was too far to the Left.

Green Party of Chawosauria Edit

Green Party

The Green Party was founded in 2015, but their first election was 2016, which they won under Malina Parker, but lost their Popular Vote decisively after Election Day, making Abooksigun the Perfectly Legitimately Elected Emperor, but he died right during he won the Popular Vote. Leaving Malina the Illegitimately Elected Empress under her Assassination.

DKA was nominated unanimously by the Greens after the Harvey Storm, despite his Tax Crime Scandal exposed by Harvey.

DKA's Tax Controversy Edit

Harvey hitting

A Satellite Image of Harvey hitting Taxes on August 24, 2017.

DKA faced controversy after Harvey exposed his Tax Crimes, that could lead him to Felony Charges by American Law Enforcement, and Chawosaurian Criminal Charges.

A Chawosaurian Comrade, by Chawosaurian Law, no comrade is to have any Criminal Record nor History of Tax Crimes, allegated that DKA violated Section 535. Chawosauria expressed suspicion.

Other Political Issues Edit

Religious Freedom Edit

Most Political Parties in Chawosauria do not believe in the Human Rights for Religious Chawosaurians, but the Chawosaurian Democrats and Social Democrats believe that Religious Freedom cannot nor should be taken into action unless the Chawosaurian People approves it, but the Communist Party is opposed to religious freedom in general. The Parties who stand with religious freedom are the Liberals and the Greens. Unknown status from the Progressives.

Living Wages and Workers' Rights Edit

All Parties in Chawosauria favor raising the Minimum Wage and turning it into a living wage except for the Liberals, who favor Free Markets. The Communist Party added to their platform, along with the Social Democrats, adding the support for the living wage. The Chawosaurian Democrats added the support for the Living Wage if approved by the people. Expanding Labor Unions such as Teachers' Unions are becoming increasingly popular among Chawosaurian Voters.

The United States Edit

The United States is still an unpopular nation in Chawosaurian Politics. The Chawosaurian Democrats and the Communists favor harsher treatment against the United States. The Liberals and the Greens favor softer treatment towards the United States. The Approval Ratings of the United States among All Chawosaurian Civilians regardless of age between the ages 13 to 123 has never been low.

Civil Rights Edit

Racial Justice and Gender Equality are for the very first time in Chawosaurian History are receiving plurality support since the 1940s. The Communists has changed their stance on women's rights in a more Left-Wing direction, moving from the Third Position Spectrum to the more Far-Left spectrum. The Chawosaurian Democrats are interested in women's rights.

Environmental Protection and Sustainability Edit

Chawosauria before 2018 has been terrible defenders of the Environment until the Abooksigun Eluwilussit Monarchy in most of 2016. Sustainability on October 2017 because of Hurricane Harvey has received a 95% approval and support. The Communists, the Chawosaurian Democrats, the Liberals, and the Greens, more importantly, have announced their support for Sustainability. As Chawosauria faces a longterm process of Blackouts.

Chawosaurian Comrade Presidential Special Election Edit

April 14, 2017 Chawallian Flag 2019
Chawosaurian Comrade Presidential Election in the United States of November 17, 2017
November 17, 2017
Turnout 76%
Nominee Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII Josiah Elijah Kennedy Edward Muskie
Party Democratic Green AKIP
Home state New York California Alaska
Running mate Jacqueline Queen Victoria Montgomery Jill Stein (write-in) Sarah Palin (write-in)
Electoral vote 503 32 3
States carried 45 4 1
Popular vote 345,415,535 45,676,564 8,676,564
Percentage 52.1% 6.9% 1.3%
Chawosaurian Comrade Presidential Election in the United States of November 2017
Blue states won by Montgomery. Green states won by Kennedy, Yellow states won by Muskie. Results certified on January 3, 2018 by Degotoga K. Atagulkalu
Comrade President before election
Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII
On the evening of November 17, 2017, Montgomery won North Carolina with a 271 score, winning the Presidential Election, defeating Josiah Kennedy and Edward Muskie.

North Dakota and South Dakota, what was supposed to be Montgomery's locked up states, due to the Dakotan Chawosaurian Voters grew more tired of Montgomery and voted for Kennedy, Leonard Lincoln managed to carry nearly most of the Western United States by appealing to Indigenous Rights, Muskie won Alaska, his home and birth state, by Appealing to Alaskan Nationalism and Conservatism, the Libertarians and Republicans failed to inspire any voter, except for Rockefeller, who was a Progressive Republican, did a fair share job on winning votes than expected.

Incumbent President, Montgomery ran a campaign on Social Security, Environmental Protection, Progressive Taxation, and Workers' Rights, keeping himself a strong Realigner and remaining his Political Dominance over all Chawosaurian Politicians.

In the Western States, Leonard Lincoln did outperform Montgomery in the Native American Vote, but ironically lost to Montgomery, a fellow-Socialist who is Native American himself. Losing the whole Western Region to Montgomery.

Nominations Edit

  • Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII (JD)
  • Johnathan F. Rockefeller II (Rep)
  • Clarence Pearson (Rep)
  • Edward Muskie (AIP)
  • Josiah E. Kennedy (GPUS)
  • Leonard Lincoln (SPUSA)
  • Joseph Schultz (CPUSA)
  • Donald Dorgan (BDC)
  • George Windsor (Lab)

Issues Edit

  • Economic Inequality
  • Student Loan Debt
  • DKA's Monarchy
  • Climate Change
  • Direct Democracy
  • GOP's Popularity
  • Donald Trump
  • Living Wage
  • JSM's Popularity
  • Multipartisan System
  • Islam
  • War on Terror
  • U.S. Foreign Policy
  • Regime Change

Results Edit

  • 502- Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII
  • 32-Josiah Elijah Kennedy
  • 3- Edward Muskie

Results Edit

Results of the Chawosaurian Monarchy
Candidates Political Party Popular Votes % +|-
Degotoga K. Atagulkalu (Incumbent) Democratic 535,365,415 50.1% +35,365,415


Timothy Max Roosevelt II Communist 532,306,537 49.9% +32,306,537


Total Votes 1,067,671,952 100%
Result Capitalist Victory
Results of the Comrade Presidency
Candidates Political Party Electoral Vote Popular Vote %
Electoral College Winners
Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII (Incumbent President) Democratic 503 345,415,535 52.1%
Josiah Elijah Kennedy GPUS 32 45,676,564 6.9%
Edward Muskie AKIP 3 8,676,564 1.3%
Non-Electoral College Winners
Leonard Lincoln SDUSA 0 71,565,454 10.8%
George Windsor III Labour (UK) 0 71,454,443 10.8%
Donald Dorgan Democratic 0 62,565,467 9.4%
Joseph Schultz Constitution 0 36,665,454 5.5%
Johnathan Franklin Rockefeller Republican 0 21,564,453 3.2%
Electoral Results
Total Votes 538 663,583,934 100%
Result Democratic Victory
Victory Category Landslide Victory

The Monarchy Edit

Popular Vote Edit

2017 Chawosaurian Special Election

Dark Blue to Purple denotes to Degotoga K. Atagulkalu as the Winner of these Provinces. Dark Red to Dark Pink denotes to Timothy Max Roosevelt II as the Winner of these Provinces.

DKA flipped Russia, which was a Communist State (Voting Block) for the Communists. DKA won the United States in a landslide. Making DKA the liget Monarch of Chawosauria and unlike Abooksigun, whose failed to maintain his term as Emperor, DKA won both the Delegation and the Popular Vote to the Monarchy. DKA won 152 to Timothy II's 43 countries.

Delegation Edit

Special Delegations 2017

Blue denotes to States that voted for Degotoga K. Atagulkalu. Red denotes to States that voted for Timothy Max Roosevelt II.

DKA picked up a plurality of Delegates, earning him a well carried equal support from both the Popular Vote and the Delegate Vote.

Popular Vote and Delegates from the United States of America Edit

DKA 2017 Election in the United States.

Blue: DKA. Crimson: TMR 2.0

DKA won a landslide victory in both the Popular Vote and the Delegates, winning a decisive margin from the Electorate. DKA, a Southerner, won the American South (region whole) including winning his birth state, Oklahoma (OK) and his adulthood state, Texas (TX).

Comrade Presidency Edit

Popular Vote Edit

2017 Popular Vote CCPSE

Popular Vote by Margin Results of the Chawosaurian Comrade Presidential Special Election.

JSM lost and gained lots of political support from the American Comrade Electorate. The Millennial Vote on December 15, 2017, has helped him become the official popular vote winner, defeating all 8 opponents impressively. Earning him a third term.

Delegates Edit

Chawosaurian Comrade Presidential Special Election

Blue denotes to Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII. Orange denotes to Edward Muskie. Green denotes to Josiah Elijah Kennedy.

Johnathan Montgomery is still crushing his opponents in the Delegation, winning over 500 delegates, supprassing his mother, who never won over 500 delegates except 1992.

2017 Comrade Special Election

Percentages of the 2017 Comrade Special Election.

Montgomery's won another landslide in 2017, making Montgomery very unstoppable electorally. Montgomery (in the red) and the thrid parties (in the gray) have failed to make this election a very close one or a non-270 vote election as an attempt to overthrow Montgomery.

National Government of Chawosauria by Political Party Edit

2018-2019 Chawosaurian Government

The Chawallian Communist Party is narrowly the largest party, making them the Leading Party of Chawosauria still, but they lost their Majority and the Social Democratic and Progressive Parties are the ones to lead Chawosauria, thereby All Political Parties have the same balance of power meaning they have to share the power.

Political Party Political Spectrum Number of Seats
Chawallian Communist Party Far-Left 183 (+1 in 2018)
Chawosaurian Democratic Party Big tent 182 (-1 in 2018)
Social Democratic Workers' Labour Party Center-Left to Left-Wing 171
Green Party of the United States Left-Wing 120
United Liberal Party Centrist to Center-Right 112
Chawosaurian Green Party Left-Wing 90
Democratic Party of the United States Big tent (de-facto) Center (de-jure) 65
Oregon Progressive Party Left-Wing 65
Women's Equality Party Center-Left to Left-Wing 12

The Chawallian Communist Party is still the largest political party in the Chawosaurian Government, but the Chawosaurian Democratic Party has became the Swing Vote Party between the Left Wing and the Far Left, with a tiny minority of Right-Wingers.

List of Winning Candidates Edit

Winning Candidates National Popular Vote Delegates
Emperor, Degotoga K. Atagulkalu 535,365,415 71,435,365
Comrade President, Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery 345,415,535 502/503?

List of Defeated Candidates Edit

Defeated Candidates National Popular Vote Delegates
Timothy Max Roosevelt II 532,306,537 21,783,215
Josiah Elijah Kennedy 45,675,564 32
Edward Muskie 8,676,564 3
Leonard Lincoln 71,565,454 0
Clarence Pearson no popular votes 0
Joseph Schultz 36,665,454 0
George Windsor III 71,454,443 0
Donald Dorgan 62,565,467 0
Johnathan Franklin Rockefeller II 21,564,453 0

Voter Demographics Edit

Demographic Atagulkalu Roosevelt
16-26 51% 48%
26-36 48% 48%
36-46 31% 59%
46-65 26% 71%
65 and Older 3% 96%
Higher Level Education
High School Student 47% 52%
High School Graduate 31% 62%
College Student 23% 76%
College Graduate 18% 81%
Post-College Career
Military Service 3% 96%
Working Class 50% 50%
Farming 65% 31%
Fishing 67% 33%
Energy 50% 50%
Socialist Variants
Communists 2% 98%
Marxists-Leninists 1% 99%
Social Democrats 98% 2%
Libertarian Socialists 65% 31%
Anarcho-Communists 31% 58%
Liberal Socialists 99% 1%
Democratic Socialists 99% 1%
Utopian Socialists 98% 2%
Revolutionary Socialists 3% 97%
Atheists 41% 58%
Agnostics 57% 42%
Humanists 56% 43%
Deists 51% 49%
Freethinkers 51% 49%
Unitarian Universalists 96% 3%
Post-theists 51% 49%
Nontheists 51% 49%

Chawosaurians who in this election have No Right to Vote are: Non-Socialists, Non-Irreligious, Non-Heterosexuals, Non-Cisgenders, and Immigrants and other people not of Chawosaurian Ancestry.

Map Comparison Edit

Election Map vs Religious Freedom vs State Atheist Laws Map Edit

2017 Chawosaurian Special Election

Blue denotes to Liberal Voters.

2018 Religious Freedom vs State Atheist Laws of Chawosauria

Chawosauria's Religious Freedom vs State Atheist Laws Map (August 3, 2018): Green and Blue Colors (Religious Freedom) denotes to Social Liberal Societies.

Chawosauria does have Social Liberal Societies and are increasing, the Americas, Western Europe, and Oceania, both voted for DKA and outlawed State Atheism in favor of Religious Freedom. A Cultural Change in Chawosaurian Society and Politics seems to indicate that Chawosauria is moving to a more Social Liberal direction when it comes to Religious Freedom. Despite the Mhasalkar Decision, which denied a National Reversal of Section 126, the Multicultural Revolution has made a quick impact in changing the minds of Chawosaurian Youth, in Chawosauria, like the United States, the Millennial Generation is about to take over Chawosaurian Society.

1975 Federal Election vs 2017 Special Election Edit


Red denotes to Timothy Max Roosevelt, as he defeats Victoria Belinsky.

2017 Chawosaurian Special Election

Various Blue colors denotes to DKA. Various Red colors denotes to TMR 2.0.

Both the 1975 Federal Election (won by Timothy Max Roosevelt) and the 2017 Special Election (won by DKA) are both decisive victories for the two monarchs, except 1975 was a realignment, and 2017 is gonna lead to a possible realignment in 2019. Both monarchs' victories resulted in winning a government majority, although Timothy Max Roosevelt and Degotoga K. Atagulkalu are radically two different monarchs, they have some things in common with each other.

  • They're both born and raised in the United States of America.
  • They're both Indigenous Americans (Native Americans).
  • They were both born unprivileged because of their Racial Background.
  • They're both Socialists.
  • They're both Not Christian.
  • They both reigned Chawosauria.

2018-2019 Chawosaurian Government Edit

2018-2019 Chawosaurian Government-1

Coalition divide between the Left-Wing Coalition and the Big Tent Coalition between January 1, 2018, to December 31, 2019.

This Government will take effect on January 1, 2018, this brings hope for the Religious Freedom Movement, although the Communist Party is part of the Left-Wing Coalition, it may not have the power to block any Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Legislation passed by the Left-Wing Coalition.

Timothy Max Roosevelt II's Concession Edit

On December 28, 2017, Timothy II declared DKA the One and Only Centered Emperor of Chawosauria and called his supporters to support and respect DKA and his leadership, Timothy II does disagree with Democracy, but he respects it and goes with the floe, Timothy II's response was that he was shocked, but believed he must move forward and continue his fight for the Communist Manifesto. On December 31, 2017, Timothy II has met DKA face to face for the first time and declared DKA the actual Emperor and argued his Communist Party to recognize DKA as the Emperor of Chawosauria. Timothy II rejected a request to contest the results of the election, saying "It's over, it's done, it's time to move forward and manifest Communism with or without this election".

Rise of the Millennial Fire Wall Edit

Millennial Belt

Millennial Fire Wall in Red in Chawosauria

DKA racked up Millennial Voters, first time voters and voters who been voting since 2015. More Millennials voted in 2016 and 2017 and onwards. The Millennial Belt rose in 2017.

Analysis Edit

Degotoga K. Atagulkalu won reelection because of strong Incumbency Advantage for a Year-Limited Supreme Leader, DKA successfully forged a realigning election by establishing the DKA Coalition, and DKA changed the political landscape by restoring the Capitalist vs Communist political environment that had demised in 1975. An improving economy emboldened DKA, and strong patriotism in the Great Patriotic War helped DKA.

Although partisan tribalism prevented DKA from winning a popular vote landslide, he won a landslide of countries over Timothy Max Roosevelt II, winning 152 to Timothy II's 43. DKA won by a slim majority of 50.1% of the popular vote, to Timothy II winning by a slim minority of 49.9% of the popular vote, showing rare partisan tribalism among Chawosaurian Voters. In the Chawopolis Palace, there wasn't much partisan tribalism, 78% of the popular vote voted for Capitalists, winning by a supermajority of 816 seats to the Communists' 183 seats, the 2017 legislative elections was the first election since the 1939 legislative elections that the Capitalists have won a majority in the Chawopolis Palace, thus ending 71-years of Communist Party-control of the Chawopolis Palace in 2017, giving DKA significant power for a Capitalist Supreme Leader.

The significant affects of this election was short-lived, in 2018, the Communist Party gained a significant comeback by decreasing the Capitalists' supermajority by one seat in a special election in California, flipping many seats in the 2018 off-year elections, and went to far to winning control of the Chawosaurian European Parliament.

On March 3, 2019, DKA died in Switzerland and the Chawopolis Palace replaced him with Ekewaka M. Kalawai'a all during an election year that could reverse the results of the 2017 elections, even if Ekewaka M. Kalawai'a attempts to run for reelection.

See other Critical Elections Edit