In Chawosauria, Miscegenation is a taboo and people born from miscegenation are widely mistreated by Chawosaurians. Chawosaurians do not respect the names of miscegenation and multiracial people, they are referred to in a slurred manner.

Panbreeding (slur) Edit

In Chawosauria, Panbreeding is a slurred term directed at Miscegenation and Intermarriage. It is used by Chawosauria's healthcare and biology associations and facilities. The word "Panbreeding" is not a good word to use. It is inspired by the word "Inbreeding" and "Crossbreeding".

Panbreeder (slur) Edit

In Chawosauria, Panbreeder is an insulting slur directed at people who have Interracial sex.

Panbred (slur) Edit

In Chawosauria, Panbred (inspired by the word "Inbred") is an insulting slur directed at people who are biracial or multi-racial.