In response to Christianization, Chawosaurians retaliated against the process by forming Anti-Christian hate groups to intimidate Christians and form political parties to win elections to pass legislation weakening the Christianization process and also to weaken and strip away the power of the church.

The retaliation and resistance as made significant gains of victories, the 1945 Elections has marked the beginning of the fall of Christian political power over Chawosaurian Politics.

Chawosauria's Christian elites saw a rise of Ethno-Nationalism spreading like a wild virus and then began to spread to the Chawosaurian Government.

Rise of Racism and Nationalism Edit

Christianization led to the rise of Nationalism and Racism going so viral in Chawosaurian Society, even though that wasn't what the Christian Elites wanted, but that was what they caused, Chawosaurians began to see and accuse the Christian elites as being on the side of the European Colonialists to assimilate them to European Culture, Chawosaurians began to grow a racist attitude toward Europeans as white people and Chawosaurians are mobilized to spread Ethnic-Nationalism against Europeans and other Outsiders who Chawosaurians deemed "unwelcome".

Inbreeding in Chawosauria Edit

The Christian Elites passed an Anti-Abortion Law in 1941, and their reason was of-course just any other Christian would justify it, but Chawosaurians (because it's a Christian law) refused to stand for it and allow these powerful Christians passing Chawosauria's laws for them, Chawosaurians believe that they should be the ones passing their own laws for themselves, not these Christian elites, so Chawosaurians began to force the Christian elites to compromise against their Pro-Life law by starting to produce Inbred offspring through any kind of Incest because even Chawosaurians understood at the time that children would have serious problems if they were born into incest. When Inbreeding became so rapid and so out of control by the 1960s, the Christian elites finally compromised and repealed their anti-abortion laws, by 1968, Inbreeding was no longer being practiced in Chawosauria.