1. REDIRECT Template:Conflict InfoboxThe Chawosaurian Penal Code, (Chawosaurian Law) is the biggest law in Chawosauria, the biggest law of all of Chawosauria that all Chawosaurian States must obey, the highest authority of the land of Chawosauria, is the King-Emperor, his laws are referred to as "King-Emperor Statute", the biggest law of the Chawosaurian Penal Code.

The Chawosaurian Government can pass laws regarding the Constitution, Statution and Institution. But are laws on what kind of laws, the government can and cannot pass.

General Overview Edit

Sources of Laws Edit

Chawosauria has Constitutional Laws, Statutory Laws and Administration Regulations, and Common Law.

Their Constitutional Law is so different from U.S. Constitutional Law, however, Freedom of Religion is not protected by any of Chawosauria's laws, because Religion IS against the law in Chawosauria, Chawosauria denies laws protecting and defending Human Rights from Prejudice, Bullying, and Government Abuses, however, the Chawosaurian Government refuses to recognize Human Rights, and in 2011, Timothy Max Roosevelt vetoed a UN Declaration of Universal Human Rights to Chawosauria, and he vetoed all sources of Human Rights Regulations, such as the Right to Privacy, the Right of Respect and the Right of Opportunity.

Constitutionality Edit

Chawosauria now has a Constitution, but their Constitution is very different, their First Amendment involves Human Rights only on the basis of Race, Ethnicity, Nationality, Gender and Sexual and Gender Identity only, but NOT protecting religion, because Chawosauria refused to add religion into Anti-Discrimination Laws.

Level of Laws Edit

Federal Law Edit

Chawosauria's Federal Law system are both called the Chawosaurian Penal Code and the King-Emperor Law, the Chawosaurians take these laws seriously and Chawosauria is attended to create a big stance on these laws.

State Law Edit

Chawosauria believes in the great power of State Rights just as equally as America does, the most treasured and the most kept sake.

Types of Laws Edit

Statute Edit

Chawosauria uses statutes, but most of them, contains discriminatory laws, Chawosauria takes their statutes very seriously and contains with them, the most importance.

Regulations Edit

Chawosauria holds values among Regulations, the biggest rules on how to regulate in a strict way, their first regulation is Proposition 11.

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