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Chawosaurian Legislative Elections of 2017 (2017 Snap Election)
1000 seats total (501 seats needed for a majority)

The Chawopolis Palace was expanded from 600 seats to 1,000 seats

December 31, 2017
Turnout 43%🔻
Majority party Minority party
Election Profile - Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII Garfield Baldwin
Leader Johnathan Saint Nicholas Montgomery VII Garfield Baldwin
Party Anti-Communists Communist Parties
Leader since March 31, 2017 January 1, 2010
Leader's seat General-Secretary of the Continent Union Prime Minister of the Empire of Chawosauria
Last election 0 600
Seats before 317 (appointed) 683 (83 out of 600 appointed)
Seats won 817 183
Seats after 816 184
Seat change 500🔺 500🔻
Popular vote 188,985,535 51,815,435
Percentage 78.5% 21.5%
Swing 78.5%🔺 78.5%🔻
Chawosaurian Legislative Special Elections, 2017
Map of the 2017 special elections

The Chawosaurian Legislative Elections of 2017, serving as a "coattail election" for Degotoga K. Atagulkalu and his Capitalist partisan allies, were a series of snap elections taking place on December 31, 2017, during the 2017 Special Election, where the Communist Party has lost their first election in a surprise defeat. With Degotoga K. Atagulkalu won the special election in a surprise victory, along with the legislative branch, this election ended the 71-year era of Communist dominance over the Chawopolis Palace lasted January 1, 1946, to December 31, 2017 (see 1945 results).

This is the very first Post-Cold War Chawosaurian Legislative Election in the History of Chawosauria where the Communist Party losses and the Anti-Communists won the Chawopolis Palace, the Communists had been defeating the Anti-Communists literally through the whole Cold War era.

This is the first legislative election in the History of Chawosauria on which the electoral results didn't fully stand to the next election because five months after the 2017 election, the Anti-Communists lost a seat to the Communists in a California special election.

Garfield Baldwin is the first Prime Minister since Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII in 1945 to lose his position as Speaker of the Palace while still retaining his position as Prime Minister and the first Prime Minister since Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII since 1975 to lose a legislative election.

Historically, when the Supreme Leader is serving his first days as Supreme Leader, the Supreme Leader's party or coalition would gain seats, sometimes a majority (this is the first midterm election in Chawosaurian History a Supreme Leader's party or coalition wins a majority). Degotoga K. Atagulkalu had been Supreme Leader for 11 months as of December 2017, because he was new at that time, his coalition gained seats, plus, a majority, which historically happens to a New Supreme Leader.

Context Edit

The Communist Party controlled the Chawopolis Palace since 1946, and had never lost control of the Palace throughout the whole Cold War era. The Communist Party crushed the Capitalists and their Anti-Communist allies in devastating margins except for 1975, 1989, and 2009, where the Communist Party heavily lost seats while still retaining a majority, but since the fall of the Soviet Union, and the end of the Cold War in 1991, the power of the Communist Party had been weakening, even though the Communists expanded their supermajority by 161 seats in the elections of 1995, 1999, and 2005, the post-Cold War era poses a threat to the Communist Party's ability to retain control of the Chawopolis Palace.

In the 2009 midterm elections, the Communist Party's struggle to keep control of the Palace began, with the devastating loss of 215 seats while still retain a majority.