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Chawosaurian Legislative Elections, 1979
600 seats (300 seats needed for a majority)
December 31, 1979
Turnout 455,267,070 Chawosaurians voted in this legislative election

Voter Turnout Increased🔺

(This is the first election where Christians are banned from voting)📝

Majority party Minority party
Leonid Ivan Bzovsky George Windsor
Leader Leonid Ivan Bzovsky George Windsor
Party Communist Coalition Democratic Socialist Coalition
Leader since Taking office by January 1, 1980 January 1, 1976
Leader's seat Designate Prime Minister Leader of the Opposition
Seats before 337 263
Seats after 418 182
Seat change 81🔺 81🔻
Popular vote 317,483,535 137,783,535
Percentage 69.7% 30.3%
Swing 19.4%🔺 19.4%🔻
Chawosaurian Legislative Elections, 1979
Results of the 1979 legislative elections
The Chawosaurian Legislative Elections of 1979 were held on December 31, 1979, in the middle of the first five years of Timothy Max Roosevelt's term.

The Communist Parties won the election, thus maintaining their authority over the Chawopolis Palace, but also, increasing their majority. This electoral result happened because of the Christian New Deal Reversal Act of 1979, and the rising popularity of Timothy Max Roosevelt.

Leonid Ivan Bzovsky won this election by a landslide margin, winning the election by a wide margin of 69.7% of the national popular vote and a margin of 418 to 182 seats, gaining a net 81 seats from the Social Democratic opposition led by George Windsor.

This is probably the only non-unanimity election in Chawosaurian History that the percentages of the popular vote and the legislative seat breakdown are exactly the same, Leonid Bzovsky won 69.7% of the popular vote, and 69.7% of seats in the Palace, and George Windsor finished second place by winning 30.3% of the popular vote, and 30.3% of seats in the Palace, making this the most representative result in Chawosaurian History.

This election was a referendum on Timothy Max Roosevelt and his Communist agenda, and Timothy winning 418 seats by gaining 81 seats, and winning a supermajority of the popular vote affirmed Timothy's place in the monarchy.

Context Edit

In the 1975 elections, the Communist Party gained a government trifecta that they will keep until 2016. Although the Communist Party gained control of the monarchy from Emperor Santiago, the last Capitalist emperor, the Communist Party lost 263 seats to the newly emerging social democrats. Timothy Max Roosevelt, the new Communist ruler, has used his unified Communist majority to purge Christians, strictly enforced new Labor laws, and implemented Communist ideas. Timothy set up to dismantle and reverse Christianization, reverse and brought down conservative policies that were successfully enacted by Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII, prevented the passage of the anti-homosexual sex bill called the Buggery Act of 1976 by censoring and oppressing it, and weakened the power of Conservatives in Chawosauria.

In the start of the 1979 midterm elections, the economy was in good shape, the public having increasing faith in Communism, and the Chawopolis Palace having the most proactive agenda. Leonid Ivan Bzovsky was elected to his first term as Prime Minister to succeed Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII, and the Communists campaigned to continue Timothy Max Roosevelt's Communist agenda. On election day, the Communist Party gained 81 seats, winning the most representative result that matched the popular vote percentage in the Chawopolis Palace.

Results Edit

Political Party Party Leader National Legislative Seats National Popular Vote
Seats Won 1979 Strength
1975 1979 % -|+ Votes % -|+
Communist Coalition Leonid Ivan Bzovsky 337 418 69.7% +81 317,483,535 69.7% +19.4%
Democratic Socialist Coalition George Windsor 263 182 30.3% -81 137,783,535 30.3% -19.4%

Total Votes

600 100% 455,267,070 100%

Seats needed for a majority



Communist Majority re-elected and expanded

The Communist Party gained 81 seats from the Social Democrats, the percentages of both the popular vote and the legislative seat breakdown are exactly the same, Bzovsky won 69.7% of the vote and 69.7% of seats in the Chawopolis Palace to Windsor's 30,3% of the vote and 30,3% of seats In the Palace, producing the most representative Chawopolis Palace in Chawosaurian History, the most Democratic result in Chawosaurian History.

Leonid Bzovsky won in a landslide victory, also the most democratic victory for a Prime Minister.

Analysis Edit

This election was a referendum on Timothy Max Roosevelt and Communism, and Leonid Ivan Bzovsky, the first Communist Prime Minister, won, not only a landslide victory, but the most democratic result for a Communist. This was an unprecedented victory for Timothy Max Roosevelt, winning 81 seats from the Social Democratic opposition, and one of these midterm elections during a monarch's first decade in power where a victory was forged for that same monarch. In 1905, Emperor Santiago won in a liberal wave of 313 gains, in 2015, Joseph Lopez rode on a wave of 283 seats, in 2017, Degotoga K. Atagulkalu rode on a wave of 500 seats.

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