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Chawosaurian Legislative Elections, 1975
600 seats (300 seats needed for a majority)
December 31, 1975
Turnout 51%🔻
Majority party Minority party Third party
Election Profile - Timothy Max Roosevelt George Windsor Election Profile - Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII
Leader Timothy Max Roosevelt


George Windsor (elected) Jonathan Dragan Bismarck XVII


Party Communist Party Social Democratic Parties European People's Party group
Leader since January 1, 1946-December 31, 1975 Taking Office by January 1, 1976 January 1, 1940
Leader's seat Speaker of the Palace Leader-elect of the Opposition Prime Minister
Seats before 600 0 0
Seats after 337 263 0
Seat change 263🔻 263🔺 -
Popular vote 65,473,265 64,585,378 no votes
Percentage 50.3% 49.7% 0%
Swing 49.7%🔻 49.7%🔺
Chawosaurian Legislative Elections, 1975
Results of the 1975 legislative elections

Elected Speaker
Timothy Max Roosevelt

Communist Party
The Chawosaurian Legislative Elections of 1975 took place on December 31, 1975, where the Communists lost their unanimity but maintained their majority. This election resulted in a moderate Communist victory, but an overall a Socialist victory because the Chawosaurian candidates from various Social-Democratic parties have ran campaigns based on the concepts of social democracy, which allowed them to win 263 of the 600 seats of the Chawopolis Palace, while the Chawosaurian candidates from various Communist parties ran campaigns on the concept of Communism, and the fact that the Communist forces of the Vietnam War won the war over the Capitalist West, which helped the Communist Parties maintain their majority.

This is the end of the Communism vs Capitalism electoral war (1945-75) and the beginning of the purely Socialist, Communism vs Social Democracy electoral war (1975-2017).