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Chawosaurian Legislative Elections, 1905
600 Seats total | 301 seats needed for a majority
December 31, 1905
Turnout Unknown Turnout
Majority party Minority party Third party
Malcolm Lyons MacKenzie Wilson Selahattin A.M. Bedrosian Jonathan D. MacAlasdair
Leader Malcolm L.M. Wilson Selahattin A.M. Bedrosian Jonathan D. MacAlasdair
Party U.K. Conservative Party U.K. Liberal Party Liberal Party of Canada
Leader since January 1, 1900 January 1, 1900 July 1, 1904
Leader's seat Prime Minister Istanbul Halifax
Last election 531 69 0
Seats before 531 68 1
Seats won 218 215 167
Seats after 218 215 167 (one death)
Seat change 313🔻 147🔺 166🔺
Popular vote 317,418,565 531,816,356 137,415,535
Percentage 32.2% 53.9% 13.9%
Swing 47.2%🔻 33.5%🔺 13.9%🔺
The Chawosaurian Legislative Elections of 1905 were held on December 31, 1905, during the first decade of Emperor Santiago's reign. The Emperor's Liberal allies, although no coalition, plummeted the ruling Conservative Party UK of Chawosauria despite holding a large number seats, 83 seats below the magic number needed for a majority, 301. Malcolm Lyons MacKenzie Wilson, Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition against Santiago then, was unpopular in the beginning of 1905 to the end of his term as Prime Minister. Wilson was badly embarrassed by the result of the 1906 general election in the United Kingdom, making him more unpopular.

Santiago's Liberal allies gained a net 313 seats from the Conservative opposition, a large gain of seats made by the Supreme Leader's coalition. Santiago's Liberal allies won the popular vote in a landslide, together, winning 67.6% of the popular vote, and 382 seats, a large majority, but the British and Canadian Liberals are not an alliance, which means the UK Conservatives are a minority government. British and Canadian Liberals went their separate ways despite defeating Prime Minister Wilson together.