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Chawosaurian Legislative Elections, 1899
600 Seats total \ 301 Seats needed for a majority | 360 seats needed for a supermajority
September 4, 1898 - December 31, 1899
Majority party Minority party
Malcolm Lyons MacKenzie Wilson Selahattin A.M. Bedrosian
Leader Malcolm Wilson Selahattin Bedrosian
Party UK Conservative Party UK Liberal Party
Leader since Taking Office by January 1, 1900 Taking Office by January 1, 1900
Leader's seat Prime Minister designate Istanbul
Seats won 531 69
Seat change NEW NEW
Popular vote 531,683,669 137,583,669
Percentage 79.4% 20.4%

The Chawosaurian Legislative Elections of 1899 were held from September 4, 1898 - December 31, 1899, to elect the first members of the Chawopolis Palace that was transformed into a legislative meeting place while still the monarch's residence after the First Brutal War.

Despite failing to pick up the monarchy, the UK Conservative Party gained a supermajority, winning the popular vote decisively with 79% of the vote. This is the only election where the British Tories won the popular vote. The Conservatives will control the Chawopolis Palace until the 1925 legislative elections. This election was consequential, this election led to the preparations of Christianization from 1900 to 1919, and after the 1919 elections, Christianization began.