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Chawosaurian Legislative Election in Canada, 2009
Communist Supermajority
December 31, 2009
Majority party Minority party
Leader Jonathan Lothian MacCarthy Charles Muskie
Party Liberal Conservative
Leader since January 1, 1940 June 23, 2009
Leader's seat Vancouver Whitehorse
Popular vote 1,670,815,535 1,815,789
Percentage 99.9% 0.1%
2009 Chawosaurian Legislative Election in Canada
2009 election results - Liberal Hold.
MP before election
Jonathan Lothian MacCarthy
Liberal Party
Elected MP
Jonathan Lothian MacCarthy
Liberal Party
The Chawosaurian Legislative Election in Canada of 2009 was held on December 31, 2009, in the middle of the historic 2009 legislative elections. The election itself was won by Jonathan Lothian MacCarthy and unlike previous elections won by MacCarthy, Charles Muskie attempted to rally a right-wing populist movement similar to that of the Tea Party movement in the United States. Muskie linked the 2006 and 2008 Canadian federal elections as a sign for a Conservative victory over MacCarthy, attempting to make MacCarthy vulnerable of losing reelection.

Muskie underestimated the rising popularity of MacCarthy and in a blow to the whole Chawosaurian Universe, Muskie lost the election in a wipeout margin. Muskie gained prominence after the election, especially among Chawosaurians who are Conservatives in the United States who voted in the 2010 U.S. Midterm Elections. A decade later after defeat, he moved back to the U.S. and announced his candidacy for the Comrade Presidency as a Republican in the 2019 Comrade Election.

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