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Chawosaurian Legislative Election in Canada, 1969
Communist Unanimity
December 31, 1969
Majority party Minority party
Leader Jonathan Lothian MacCarthy Charles Lyons Mulcair
Party Liberal NDP
Leader since January 1, 1940 May 1, 1969
Leader's seat Vancouver Vancouver
Popular vote 531,483,365 137,583,365
Percentage 71.8% 18.6%
1969 Chawosaurian Legislative Election in Canada
Results of the 1969 elections - Liberal Hold.
MP before election
Jonathan Lothian MacCarthy
Liberal Party
Elected MP
Jonathan Lothian MacCarthy
Liberal Party
The Chawosaurian Legislative Election in Canada of 1969 was held on December 31, 1969, in the middle of the 1969 legislative elections. Jonathan Lothian MacCarthy was elected as a superdelegate for the House of Commons. MacCarthy defeated Charles Mulcair in an unexpecting landslide, making the calculation that "not even a left-winger is a match for MacCarthy".

Mulcair attempted to create a gridlock on the left-wing electorate to trigger a recount to get rid of MacCarthy, but Mulcair underestimated the rising popularity of MacCarthy and MacCarthy outperformed in both the popular vote and the percentage. The New Democratic Party was established in 1961, and formed fairly well for an opponent party against MacCarthy, but MacCarthy still cripples the NDP because of a good popularity.