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Chawosaurian Legislative Election in Canada, 1939
600 Seats total (301 Seats needed for a Majority)
December 31, 1939
Turnout 69%
Majority party Minority party
Leader Jonathan Lothian MacCarthy Alexander Montgomery
Party Liberal Conservative
Leader since January 3, 1939 January 1, 1900
Leader's seat Vancouver Ottawa
Seats before 306 293
Seats after 317 246
Popular vote 69,483,221 31,487,332
Percentage 64.8% 29.3%
1939 Chawosaurian Legislative Election in Canada
Map of the 1939 election - Liberal Gain
MP before election
Alexander Montgomery
Conservative Party
Elected MP
Jonathan Lothian MacCarthy
Liberal Party
The Chawosaurian Legislative Election in Canada of 1939 was held on December 31, 1939, as part of the Chawosaurian Legislative Elections of 1939. The election was won by Jonathan Lothian MacCarthy of the Liberal Party who defeated the Conservative Party incumbent Alexander Montgomery, former Prince of Chawosauria.